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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | All Work and No Play …

All Work and No Play …

… makes Dianne a very dull girl.

I’m still deeply entrenched in the story of … you know … these graves. They’re pretty much the only thing I have on the brain. And since I figure you don’t want to hear any more babbling about my revisions, I’m going to ask instead:

What are YOU obsessed with these days?  A first draft? Queries? Revisions? Research and outlining?

I haven’t been around to your blogs as much as usual, so I feel out of the loop.

Tell me what you’re working on. Pitch the premise to me, if you like.  When I finish these editorial revisions, I expect I’ll be too wrung out to jump directly into another writing project.  I might be looking to beta read somebody else’s manuscript. Can you make me salivate for yours?

17 Responses to All Work and No Play …

  1. Jumping back to the world of blogging, this time with a novel I have written and a new blogsite, I have been trying to gain a follower base, market my book, and keep my posts “themed” to the genre of my book. All of the above has been very sloooooww… in coming.

  2. Beta reading would be fabulous! You already know my premise; I’m still stuck in the Ana/Viktor world. I have started other projects, but decided it was time to finally polish that first one and query. The last six months I was busy with other projects than writing, so I fell a bit behind. I had a fantastic professional edit from a well-known YA author of MB. Finally taking her advice and editing per her suggestions. We feel she finally pin-pointed what’s been keeping the story from getting signed, so I’m excited to finish! πŸ˜€ (I’m here to read for you too, again. Anytime.)

  3. You’ve done enough for me already. I’m obsessed with edits so I can query. I just want to finish.
    I need to get to that cemetary. Looks so cool.

  4. I’m working on a revision request, not that I’m planning to send it. I didn’t agree with a number of the agent’s suggestions. She only read the first 50 pages (she didn’t want to ruin the ending), so she didn’t realize those things she wanted to change affected the twist in the story. The twist the beta readers loved. Plus, it was important to the premise. But she did have a lot of awesome suggestions which I know will make the story stronger. πŸ˜€

  5. Linda G. says:

    I just finished poring over the first pass pages of In a Fix. My brain is fried and my eyes are dead. *grin*

  6. At the moment I am just lightly reading (and rereading and rereading) over Godspeed- it’s gone to a few readers for overall impressions so am dying to hear back on those of course- and I am making a list of things in the story to tweak after I get the manuscript back from the CE.

    Also…I have hired an amazing cover artist who totally sees in his head what I see in mine so hopefully, it’s going to be very cool…

    What I really need to do is write back jacket copy though *sigh* I am having a horrible time boiling down the story into that. But I know I have to even if I don’t use it on the back jacket I’ll need a blurb for the webpage when it’s up there!

    So that, and suffering minor brain fry from all the above, is what I am working on.

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  7. Obsessed? My husband probably thinks the number of hours I spend at the computer every day is an obsession, but I don’t agree. (I mean, he gets three good meals every day, and the house hasn’t been condemned by the health department yet.) Trying to prepare all my posts ahead of time for the A-Z challenge has added a new … challenge … to the number of hours at the keyboard. I’m hoping to get a lot more obsessed with my darned WIP, though. Time to finish up with the editing so I can move on to something new.

  8. Don’t feel bad, Dianne. I’m obsessed with graves, funeral homes, death…Why? My MS that’s on submission is about kids living in a funeral home, and my current WIP is about a girl who dies (or is half-dead rather) and has to make the decision to go or stay.

    So, yeah, I’m totally into the death thing right now. πŸ™‚

  9. Angela Brown says:

    I can understand where you’re coming from, with the obsession part, not quite the graves πŸ™‚

    I’ve got revisions on the brain for my WiP MINGLED, my little YA post-apocalyptic novel. I’d consider it a discovery novel, nothing deep though, just something fun. Making something up on the spot I’d say it’s about 17 year Macie, ever the odd girl out, who makes a discovery of why the Collective has the blood donor system established, why her parents went missing and how she is in the center of all the madness, attention she’d rather not have at all.

    Continued good luck as you work on your WiP.

  10. DL Hammons says:

    I’m outlining a shiny new idea and its my first venture into YA Paranormal.

    The Redman’s have moved for the last time, at least thats what 15 year old Chance is counting on. Maybe now that his dad is out of the military, life can take on some sense of normalcy after the furniture is all situated and boxes are unpacked one last time.

    But just when they think everything is put away…one last mysterious box appears. You see, something else has moved in with the Redmans and now possesses one of their family. It’s something ancient, something evil…and its hungry. It has been playing this game for a very very long time and it always ends the same, with everyone dead.

    It’s up to Chance and his nosy next-door neighbor to not only save his family, but to figure out who is the demon host and how to destroy it without killing them as well.

  11. Marva Dasef says:

    I’ve been housekeeping with my old books. That means some time spent spiffing them up with new covers, catching some gaffes in editing, and even building a new book trailer for my YA SF.

    In other words, I’ve been putting off doing anything new.

  12. Becca says:

    I’ve been neglecting blogs too. I’m trying to really actually and seriously edit my manuscript into perfection.

  13. I’ve just started revising last year’s NaNo project. Once I pruned away the dead wood, I was pleasantly surprised by how much reasonable stuff still remained πŸ™‚

  14. Jaime Loren says:

    Looking for a manuscript to read, you say? Hmmm … πŸ˜‰ You know, only one person has read my new ending … And you already know the premise … I wouldn’t need you to beta it, per se, but if you want to know Scott and April’s story, you can read it any time! πŸ˜€

    And kudos to you for finishing your revisions ahead of schedule. Must be such a great feeling! I think I need to employ someone to whip me whenever I start slacking off with housework, uni, and writing. Which, admittedly, would be pretty much all the time. πŸ˜›

  15. This first edit after NaNo is kicking my butt. It doesn’t help that my brain is still a bit dysfunctional after oral surgery. Funny how pain in your lip and jaw really mess with your brain.

  16. Trying not to be too obsessed about anything at the moment LOL! I do want to finsih my WIP that I started in 2010 and abandoned when i became ill, though. Good luck with your revisions.

  17. I writing a new novel while I’m waiting for second edits back on Touch of Death. I have to always be working on something or I’ll go crazy. This one is a contemporary romance, which is new for me. It’s also in present tense, which is new for me. But I love the story and the characters, so I’m having fun.