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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Copy Edits!!

Copy Edits!!

Guess what’s come back to me?

This manuscript feels like a boomerang. Every time I send it off, it comes right back (in a big 4lb package). I suppose it feels that way because nothing happened for 6 months after the book was purchased, and then everything happened in quick succession. (With my last book, the whole process was more spread out.)

I’ve been through two rounds of editorial revisions, and now this is the copy-editing stage.

My biggest worry? Reading the copy-editor’s brown pencil notations.  I hope my bifocals are up to the job, because I left my lighted magnifying glass in my desk at school and I really don’t want to go back for it.

The coolest thing so far?  There’s been a page added since I last saw the manuscript.  The copyright page. LOOK!

And the best thing about reviewing the copy edits by hand on paper?  I’ll have to get off the laptop and sit at a well-lighted table.  Good for my sore shoulder and unhappy left arm. (*)

* Amended — My shoulder actually hurts more after sitting hunched over the manuscript at the kitchen table for a few hours than it does when using the laptop on the couch.  FYI.

18 Responses to Copy Edits!!

  1. Sarah says:

    Copy edits on paper … I think that would kill me. I did all my edits for SANCTUM via track changes and am so grateful for that. SCAN is a different story–edits on paper (but I’m not to copy edits yet). I hate paper.

    Anyway–good luck with those copyedits and YAY for getting to this stage!

  2. Good luck with your edits. That’s an exciting time. 🙂

    I hope your shoulder feels better.

  3. Linda G. says:

    Cool! I was so thrilled when I saw my first copyright page–THAT’S when it all seemed real to me.

    I haven’t had to deal with copy edits on paper–my publisher handles everything electronically–but I’m pretty sure it would kill me. *grin*

  4. I hope you feel better. One day I hope to deal with copy edits. 🙂 Good luck and I know you will do great.

  5. Alicia C. says:

    Fantabulous! Ah the Cadillac problems you published authors have! 😛 Brown pencil marks…tight shoulders..HA! Some day you’ll be able to hire your own personal massage therapist! (Like me…)

  6. My kids would be so disappointed to find out the package was just my ms and nothing exciting for them.

    Good luck with the copyedits. *sends you a virtual massage therapist*

  7. Ick. Hope your shoulder feels better and you get through these copy edits without a hitch! Almost there!

  8. mshatch says:

    Just think tho; each step brings you closer to the day you actually see your book, with a cover and everything in an actual bookstore on a shelf for people to buy!!!

    I can’t wait to get my copy 🙂

  9. Southpaw says:

    Your amendment made me chuckle. Isn’t it always the way?

  10. Woo!! Exciting, Dianne! I hope your shoulder feels better – I am always googling shoulder stretches, because mine are rubbish after hours laboring over my WIP. Good luck with your copyedits!

  11. Sun Singer says:

    Gee, I thought everyone was editing in a copy of the DOC file. Easier on everyone to track revisions, plus if the writer is thinking “what the heck could possibly be wrong with any of these edits?” they can click on “accept all” and hope for the best.


  12. Dang. And I think this R&R is hard. *sigh*

    What a thrill that must give you to see that copyright page.

  13. How exciting! Good luck with the edits.
    : )

  14. T. Drecker says:

    Great to see all that paper – totally not green, but writing on paper just has something wonderful about it.

    I hope your shoulder feels better soon. And good luck with those edits!

  15. Make a massage appointment for next week. It’s a carrot so you won’t dawdle over edits 🙂

    And Congrats!

  16. I love a glimpse at the process. And your copyright page is beautiful 😉 Good luck!

  17. Lydia Kang says:

    How exciting! I can’t wait until my copyedit stages. One more set of edits first!

  18. DL Hammons says:

    I have a pair of reading glasses with little lights built into them. 🙂