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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Don’t Wanna Go Back!

Don’t Wanna Go Back!

WAH! A week from tomorrow, the 2010-2011 school year starts for me. The kids have another week off, but teachers return next Tuesday. Here’s how I feel about it:
Yup. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not the kids and it’s not teaching that I dread. It’s being forcibly disconnected from the blogosphere that’s the problem. I admit that I’ve become completely addicted to social networks this summer: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Write On Con, Teen Fire … you name it … they are all blocked from my work computer.
Here’s how they’re going to get me back to work:
All right, it’s not just the social networking. There’s also the loss of writing time, of course. And then, there’s the job itself. Teaching is not what it once was. Thanks to No Child Left Behind, the government gives my students a test and then judges me, my school, and my district on whether they pass a standard set by the state. And every two years, Pennsylvania raises the standard. I expect that within my first week back, my colleagues and I will be treated to an In-Service Day presentation of all the NEW REQUIREMENTS plus an estimation of HOW MUCH LESS MONEY THE STATE IS GIVING US and an unveiling of THIS YEAR’S STRATEGY for SPINNING GOLD OUT OF STRAW.
Here’s my colleagues and I going to that meeting:
Grim, huh? There’s really only two things that send me back to the classroom at all. One is the paycheck that covers the mortgage, ahem. And the other is this:
Not the apple. The student.
This Thursday and Friday, I’ll be participating in my first Blogfest: Guess that Character, hosted by Jen @ Unedited. Stop by to read a sample of a WIP and see what you can discern about my characters!
Oh, and that mug at the top of this post? That’s one of my offspring. Yeah.

9 Responses to Don’t Wanna Go Back!

  1. mshatch says:

    sorry you have to go back. I do not envy you your job anymore because it’s no longer just about teaching, which is probably why you got into the field to start – well, that and summers off 🙂

  2. Lenny says:

    hi miss dianne! those pictures are soooo funny. i could see how much you dont want to get back to school. ugh! i hope youre gonna still do your blog. id miss you lots if you didnt. i hope that teaching is lot more fun than you think its gonna be. im doing miss jens character thingy too. its gonna be fun.
    …hugs from lenny

  3. Sorry you have to go back. I would be crying too. I can’t wait till my kids go though–more quiet time for me. I’m sure you will make it through. I can’t wait to stop by PAYA and I’m taking part in Jen’s blogfest. Should be fun!

  4. Linda G. says:

    My sympathies on heading back into the fray, but I’ll bet you are a fantastic teacher. You are making a difference in the students’ lives. Maybe that takes the edge off a little? 🙂

    Is there wi-fi at your school? Can you sneak online at lunchtime?

  5. Sun Singer says:

    Are you going to tell your students you can hear the dead? Might shape them up.

    As for the whole test thing, it shows what happens when the morons are allowed to be in charge.


  6. Candyland says:

    It feels like school just let out! So crazy. Where did summer go? Though, I’m fully ready for fall and hoodies and jeans. I hate the heat.

  7. Dr. Goose says:

    I love those picture descriptions.

  8. Marva says:

    I was an Education major for about a week, then decided I wouldn’t want to teach somebody like me. So bless the teachers for their patience and fortitude.

    Fortunately, I opted into that newfangled computer stuff. Made me lots of good money over the years so I can now waste my dotage on writing fiction.

  9. I completely agree with you!!! I can’t believe the summer is over! 🙁