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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Endings, Office Assistants, and Kevin Bacon

Endings, Office Assistants, and Kevin Bacon

home office

My home office in the basement.

To everyone who weighed in on my “Ending” dilemma last week, thank you! I decided my character had to be herself (and she is certainly not perfect). I think she discovered her own worth over the course of the story, but she also made a crucial mistake that prevented her from getting what she wanted. I found a way to give her the help she needs going forward, without making it seem like they “saved her.” She decides what she has to do. The two people closest to her throw in their support. I hit the dreaded “send” button on that manuscript yesterday.

In other news, the Delaware County Community College invited me back to teach the course I did in the fall, Writing for the Children’s Market. I start tomorrow night! They’ve also contracted me to teach a writing course for 10-12 year olds on Saturdays in April, so it will be fun to work with kids again.

I’ve had a home office space in my basement for months, but I’ve had trouble forcing myself to work down there instead of on the family room sofa or at the kitchen table. This month, I’ve been a little better at disciplining myself to “go to the office.” The only problem is my “office assistant.” Usually, she spends her time upstairs, but when she gets into a super-ornery mood, the family tosses her in the basement with me and shuts the door. Yeah, thanks a bunch, family.

Luna in the bookshelves

Luna rearranges the books on my shelf.

In final news that’s kind of cool, I was contacted via Pinterest by a woman from the Netherlands whose research on Ancestry.com revealed that Asenath Thomas – one of the women buried in the caged graves – was her husband’s great-great-aunt. We exchanged some information, and then she posted about it on Facebook and linked me. One of her FB friends then chimed in to say, “Hey, that author was the teacher of two of my kids!” That’s right. A parent of some former students is friends with someone who lives in the Netherlands who is married to someone related to someone whose grave I wrote about. I’m pretty sure Kevin Bacon is in there, too.


Asenath Thomas grave


14 Responses to Endings, Office Assistants, and Kevin Bacon

  1. Wow, that’s quite an unlikely connection.
    Glad you got your ending all figured out.
    And cool you are teaching classes at the college.

  2. mshatch says:

    Cats are ever so helpful, aren’t they?

    Like your space!

  3. If I didn’t live in Florida I might start singing that oh-so-dreaded song… (It’s a Small World) As it is, I don’t want to upset the balance of the cosmos and bring terror down on my own head. 😉

    I love all the connections that come from being out there and published.

    HUGE congrats on the teaching opportunities! I’m right there with you: nothing better.

  4. Tiana Smith says:

    Awww, your office assistant is adorable 🙂 And have fun with the classes!

  5. I am way too chicken to show my basement office. It doubles as a storage room. Also, The world has already lost Hope, Cash, and Jobs. We can’t lose Bacon too! 🙂

    • DianneSalerni says:

      LOL! I mean Kevin Bacon is in the chain of seven degrees of separation — not sharing the grave with Asenath!

  6. J E Oneil says:

    I’m glad you found a solution to your ending :). And how fun that you’ve been asked back. I guess your last class went well.

  7. DL Hammons says:

    I’d LOVE a basement office. My desk is in the corner of the living room and I have to wear headphones whenever I’m writing to drown everything out. 🙂

  8. Kevin Bacon’s not there, he’s out inspiring Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. 😛

    But seriously, glad you figured out your ending, and best of luck with the book on submission! I’m guessing it’s still nerve-wracking to send something out, even when you have some publications under your belt. I guess it’s good that never changes?

  9. ChemistKen says:

    Hey, I have an office in my basement too, along with several, similar assistants. Trouble is, it’s so cold down there right now, I tend to plop myself down in front of my wife’s computer in the living room and write there instead.

  10. Hilary says:

    Hi Dianne .. love Luna’s rearranging … they are so loving, but do distract. I don’t like writing in dark places … for now -there’s no choice .. so I have a lot of light. How wonderful those classes for the kids are happening again – so pleased for you ..

    Then again what a great range of connectivity re the grave data … amazing what the world throws up at us – such fun when this kind of happens.

    Good luck with the new manuscript … well done and finished for now – cheers Hilary

  11. Tess Grant says:

    My “office assistant” thinks she can type. She can’t. 🙂

    In other news, the girls are loving The Inquisitor’s Mark.

  12. Tess Grant says:

    My “office assistant” thinks she can type. She can’t. 🙂

    In other news, the girls are loving The Inquisitor’s Mark.

  13. Cynthia says:

    I so wish I could be a student in that class you’re teaching!

    I don’t have an office assistant, which is why my desk is always such a mess!