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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Gina Review: The Kane Chronicles

Gina Review: The Kane Chronicles

I have my daughter Gina here today reviewing the first book in The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan.

The Red Pyramid — reviewed by Gina Salerni

This is one of the best books I have ever read and I highly suggest you read it too. This book is by Rick Riordan who is also the author of the Percy Jackson series.

This book is about Carter and Sadie Kane. Carter travels the world with his dad to many places such as Egypt. Their mom died when they were younger so Sadie lives with their grandparents and only sees her dad a couple of times a year. One night they go to a British Museum where their dad casts a spell which releases several gods. One god is Set who is a god of chaos and traps their father in a coffin and takes him away.

They find out that they are descendants of the Pharaohs and learn that they are hosting the gods Horus and Isis inside of them. And that they must go defeat Set with the help of the goddess Bast and a sorceress named Zia to get their father back and save the world from turning into total chaos, while also avoiding other dangerous enemies.

I would recommend this book because it is excellently written and has a great story line. My favorite part was when they met Bast who was possessing Sadie’s cat Muffin. (That was a surprise for them.) One part I didn’t like was the 5 Elements. I’ve heard of the 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Wind, and Fire, but I thought making Cheese the 5th Element was kind of dumb.

Personally, I think Cheese as the 5th Element sounds pretty cool, but Gina assures me she was not amused.

10 Responses to Gina Review: The Kane Chronicles

  1. Sarah says:

    Now I’m completely intrigued. Cheese? What kind of cheese? Great review, Gina! I can see why you liked the book!

  2. Great review, Gina. And I’d have to agree with you … I think making cheese the fifth element is pretty dumb, too.

  3. Linda G. says:

    Another great review! Thanks for telling us about THE KANE CHRONICLES, Gina.

    Re cheese as the fifth element: well, I can see how you’d find it rather…um, cheesy. So to speak. 😉

  4. Ha ha ha! What a fun review, Gina! I read this one, too, and I just loved the use of Egyptian mythology. (Maybe even more than Greek mythology, but don’t tell Percy Jackson that. ;D )

  5. JEM says:

    Hmm, I’m going to have to go with Gina on the 5th element. Anyone who’s seen the film knows love is the 5th element. Making it cheese is kind of…cheesy. I know, I know, I couldn’t help myself.

  6. Marva Dasef says:

    I do enjoy Riordan’s books. You thumbs up is a good recommend.

  7. E. Arroyo says:

    Thanks for the review! Cheese huh, that is kinda weird.

  8. What a wonderful review, Gina! And cheesy is … well… cheesy. LOL! Bast was absolutely my boys’ favorite part of Red Pyramid (mine too). 🙂

  9. Lenny Lee* says:

    hi miss dianne and miss gina! wow! another cool review. for sure i could wanna read that book. im with you on that cheesy 5th element being kinda dumb. but if it was peanutbutter cups id be all for it. 🙂
    …hugs from lenny

  10. Great review, Gina. Thanks for sharing it.