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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Happy Tweets

Happy Tweets

You know what I love? Unexpectedly seeing the Twitter bird in the notification bar on my phone screen in the middle of the day. It’s like, Yay – here I am, stuck at work, and somebody out in the world is thinking of me!

I just wanted to share some tweets that made me smile this week. First, this one:

Not only am I psyched to get my first starred review ever, I was doubly honored to have the School Library Journal tweeting about it! (If you want to read the review, you can find it HERE.)
Then, there was this tweet:

That’s the very first occasion of a reader tweeting about my next book. She’s a marketing director at HarperCollins, which is why she got the early preview. And I’m not sure about that publication date, because I was told “Summer of 2014.” (But April would be awesome if it were true.) Still, first shout-out for The Eighth Day!
And finally, loved this one:

Theresa shared her first page with us in August for FirstImpressions. I am really excited that she’s getting interest on her manuscript, and if Marcy and I helped at all, I’m honored.

Get any good news lately?

17 Responses to Happy Tweets

  1. Looks like you got some nice mentions there 🙂

    I did get some good news lately – my nephew made the honor roll in his second grade glass 🙂

  2. They be some *nice* tweets – much better than 75x “read my new book” tweets:)

    Good News? I’m flying to Amsterdam today. Gonna find me that guy who makes the wooden shoes and find out what’s up with *that.* 🙂

  3. SA Larsenッ says:

    I was thinking the same thing, when I saw the tweet from School Library Journal. You must be so thrilled!

    Yeah, and it’s nice to know that peeps are thinking about you.

  4. Tonja says:

    That’s fantastic!:)

  5. Those are the best kinds of tweets! They really are!!

  6. Tiana Smith says:

    Love these 🙂 And love your new photo!

  7. Awesome tweets. Excited for you and Theresa.

  8. Steven says:

    Those are happy tweets! Congratulations!

  9. J E Oneil says:

    Nothing that good :). That’s wonderful news!

  10. Hi Dianne .. I have to venture properly one day into Twitter – but those tweets and links are great aren’t they … no wonder you’re smiling .. cheers Hilary

  11. I have to read The Eighth Day. I love Arthurian legions! EEEE!!! I’m excited!

    Congrtats on the SLJ review!

  12. Robin says:

    Those are super happy, amazing tweets. Congrats on your starred review and The Eighth Day tweets. April would be exciting, and soonish:)

  13. mshatch says:

    Ooh, nice tweets! And boy do I agree with Alana regarding THE EIGHTH DAY – but then, you know how much I love this story 🙂

  14. Julia Tomiak says:

    I’m with Kelly and Alana- love Arthurian legends! Took a course on them in college! Thanks for sharing examples of great tweets to write for the authors we love- or want to help!

  15. Nice of those little tweets to perk up your day.

    Me? Good news? The owners of a store in NC asked me to come up to do a book signing. That’s small potatoes compared to all the great things that have been happening for you, but hey! I need to cut down on my potatoes, anyway. (Getting a little old lady spread here.)

  16. Lexa Cain says:

    Yay, yay, and yay! All good news – you should be so pleased. (What’s a “starred” review?)