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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | My Daughter, ZeldaGirl

My Daughter, ZeldaGirl

There’s a reason Dread Daughter #1 doesn’t often appear on my blog. She’s too busy building her own online presence – something I only appreciated when I checked her stats on YouTube and discovered her growing popularity.

Gabrielle films and posts “walk-throughs” for her favorite video game: Zelda. I didn’t really understand what this was all about, but I was astounded by the number of videos she’s posted and the following she’s built! No wonder I hear the Zelda theme music in my sleep!

Interview with ZeldaGirl367

1. What is a video game walk-through?

A video game walkthrough is where you record yourself playing a video game all the way through and then post it online for people to look at if they are stuck in that game.

2. I can understand that someone might want tips on getting through a challenging section, but why do people watch you play the whole game?

People watch me play the whole game because they think I am funny, or because they find it interesting to watch people play video games.

3. How many kinds of walk-throughs are there?

There are two kinds. A 100% walkthrough, where you go through the game and win every mini-game, get every item, every treasure chest, explore all the areas. And then there is just a normal walkthrough, where you show only the essential parts of the game, maybe getting an extra item or two here and there.

4. How do Zelda fans find you?

Some go online and look for videos to help them with a game, and depending upon what they type, my videos might come up. Other people might find me through one of their own video game walkthroughs.

5. Who are your followers? What age group and gender?

I assume that they are all mostly Zelda fans, like me, but since Youtube allows users to be anonymous, I can’t be sure of who they are or what country they live in.

6. WHY would someone pay money for this game and then learn how to play it by watching you? Isn’t that CHEATING?

In one way…yes. But different people find different things challenging, and they might not be able to get through a specific part without a little help. So I post the entire game walkthrough, so anyone can look up any part of the game and find out how to do it.

7. How did YOU learn to play the game? Did you use walk-throughs?

I learned to play the game myself. I only used a walkthrough once when I couldn’t find a specific item that was essential to the game.

PHEW! I’m glad to know she actually learned to persevere and do her own problem-solving! If you know a Zelda fan who needs a few tips, send them to the ZeldaGirl367 channel on YouTube.

My husband says there’s a market for this. Hmmm … perhaps Gabrielle should be charging a fee?

12 Responses to My Daughter, ZeldaGirl

  1. mshatch says:

    that’s actually pretty cool. I’ve played games before and been unable to complete a particular task so I can see where a walk-thru would would be helpful – especially if there’s a certain item or perk you really want. Love her moniker, too 🙂

  2. I learned something new today. I had no idea that such a thing even existed. Have a super weekend Dianne.

  3. Talei says:

    Oh love this interview. I’ve heard of these walk-throughs for games but not checked it out – I can honestly say a few of my friends have. Go Zelda! I mean Gabriell! 😉

  4. Talei says:

    I meant Gabrielle! 😉

  5. Linda G. says:

    Wow. Learn something new every day. But I’ll bet my son knows all about walk-throughs–not much about video gaming he doesn’t know.

    Nice interview–good to get to know a little about Gabrielle. 🙂

  6. I’ve never heard of this before. Obviously I don’t play the games. 🙂

  7. Boomergolf says:

    If Gabby ever does a Madden 11 walkthrough, let me know. I know a couple of young men who would visit her site every day!

  8. Lola Sharp says:

    I’ve never heard of this before either.
    But, that’s awesome she’s a rockstar of Zelda. (whatever Zelda is;)


  9. Anne says:

    Thata girl! I know a thing or two about video games and the Zelda series is by far one of the greatest. (I’ve played them all) When my daughter was two we were only allowed to call her Zelda Princess Kylie. She would make the sound effects while jumping from couch to couch. So fun 🙂

  10. kimscarecrow says:

    I love watching people play games I love online. Especially Zelda! That is so great.

  11. salarsenッ says:

    Wow, Gab, my boys do that with WOW-World Of Warcraft. Funny. I’ve never asked if they post them. Hmmm…I’ll get on that right now. Thanks.

  12. Lenny Lee! says:

    wow this is soooo cool. i played some games that got me crazy caus i just got so stuck. then i looked for some cheats. i like just getting one clue or two cause i want to keep trying on my own. one time i got where i got a clue then another and a nother and just said ok i giv up. then i looked at a whole walk thru. i didnt ever play zelda but it sounds really cool. im gonna go see that video. its pretty neat that you could do that.
    …smiles from lenny