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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Need a Tagline Pronto!

Need a Tagline Pronto!

So … May 1, the official release date of We Hear the Dead quickly approaches. And yet, several people I know already have copies of the book on the way or in hand. Amazon.com and BN.com apparently received shipments early and have already mailed out pre-ordered copies! I know that a few books are due to arrive at their destinations on Monday, and one of my students emailed me on Friday night with great excitement to tell me that her copy had shown up that afternoon!

I haven’t seen an official copy myself yet, but my editor tells me they look and feel vastly superior to the ARC copies (seen above) – which I thought were pretty darn good! I emailed my student to ask her what the book looks like, and this was her reply.

Mrs. Salerni,
It is shiny.

O—kay. I thought I’d instructed my class on writing more verbose descriptions, but I guess I will just have to curb my curiosity until Monday when she brings it into class … and expects me to sign it.

I hadn’t actually thought about signing them yet. When I self-published under the title High Spirits, I signed all copies with the tagline: Enjoy a spirited read! I guess that’s still okay, but I’d like to come up with something that matches the new title better. The best I have so far is:

I hear the dead think you’ll like this book.

Pretty lame and kinda long. Can anybody help me out?

10 Responses to Need a Tagline Pronto!

  1. Candyland says:

    -The dead thank you
    -Enjoy the dead
    -The dead are waiting
    -The spirits thank you
    -The dead love you

    Ehhh??!!! ???!!!??!!!

  2. OMG, so excited. Ordering our copy right this INSTANT. Hoorah!

    As for a tagline what about, I heard the dead and they said you’d love this book. Ha! Sorry, apparently I suck at taglines.


  3. Melissa Dean says:

    I got mine on Friday, and yes it’s shiny! How about May the dead be with you as you read. Lame I know. Anyway to get a signed book plate for my book? You can sign it anyway that you want!

  4. Melissa, Thanks for ordering my book!!!! I hope you enjoy it!

    Shiny, huh? Can’t wait to see it! Of course, my hysterics when I see it on Monday will have to be brief. We have 2 state writing tests to take tomorrow morning. (bleh)

    I would be happy to send you a signed bookplate … uh …just as soon as I design or buy some!

    You can email me at dksalerni@gmail.com with your address.

  5. Joanne Uzzo says:

    How about…I hear this book is dead on!

  6. Al says:

    “Knocking on wood that you’ll love it!”


  7. Joy says:

    People are dying to read it?

    Okay, lame. But I got my VERY OWN copy on Friday at the Sourcebooks booth at TLA. And yes, it’s pretty shiny. And big! And I love the font for your name. Mostly, I’m excited to read.

  8. Awesome, Dianne.

    Uh…Deadly spirits, Signing deadly, hauntingly yours, enjoy the Dead…..

  9. info says:

    “It is shiny.”. There’s something to be said for being concise!

  10. JEM says:

    I have to be real, I thought your line was hilarious. Worth the few extra seconds to write it out, I say.