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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Partners in ParanormYA: Real Case Files

Partners in ParanormYA: Real Case Files

Today, I’m welcoming Angela Brown and Gwen Gardner, who both write about the paranormal. Their characters enjoy ghost whispering, shadow jumping, and other abilities. But that’s all fiction, right? They made the stuff up. That’s what writers do.

But what if…it was real? What if, the things our characters experience really happened?
So what’s real, and what’s not – and can you believe your eyes and senses?
Real Case #1
By Gwen Gardner
July 4, 2001. The night my dad died, I lived six hours away. I didn’t make it in time to say goodbye. It wasn’t completely unexpected, as he’d been ill for years. My mom didn’t want to sleep in the bed they’d shared, so I volunteered to sleep in their bedroom. The room faced the backyard. Curtains were drawn. It was completely dark when I crawled into bed. And I saw it – the flash of blinding light in the mirror. How did it happen when everything was dark? My research told me there was no explanation…
Real Case #2
By Angela Brown
My daughter has an RC car that had run dead, or so I thought. It was sitting in the living room. I was sitting in the living room. Suddenly, it does one of the voices in the car. Then it does it a second time. I’ve had two different people tell me it had to do with the last battery power and the wiring. Even still, it was weird as hell.
Real Case #3
By Gwen Gardner
July 7, 2001. Three days after my dad’s passing and I was back at work, in my office. “Gwen,” someone called. “What?” I yelled back. Our small company contained four offices and a conference room, so we habitually called to each other. Nobody answered my call. I ignored it. Once again the call came – “Gwen!” Once again I called back, “what?” No answer again. So I got up and walked down the hall, looking into every office as I went. Every office was empty. I looked again. I looked outside. I was completely alone. Who or what was that tinny voice that called out to me?
Real Case #4
By Angela Brown
Second hand story. My stepfather’s lady friend swears that after my mother’s passing, a lamp shook across the dresser and crashed to the floor. Was it my mother trying to relay a message?
Real Case #5
By Gwen Gardner
My daughter and I were sitting on our deck one evening, at around 9:00 p.m. It was rural and quite dark, except for a motion light on the corner of the house. The light came on, which drew our eyes. A human shadow passed through the light. The light went out. Our glowing eyes met through the darkness. “Did you see that?” my daughter asked. “Yes, I did,” I answered. We discussed the possibilities. An Indian friend later told us the land we lived on was once owned by the Kumeyaay nation (tribal lands were now a mile away), and that the spirits still lurked there.
So what do you think? Are those from beyond reaching out to us? Have you ever had a paranormal or supernatural experience you’d like to share?

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22 Responses to Partners in ParanormYA: Real Case Files

  1. SA Larsenッ says:

    I love this post! How clever. These ladies have got me thinking.

  2. Tonja says:

    I don’t really believe in ghosts and things like that…unless I’m driving down a dark road in the fog or watching a scary movie when the electricity goes out. In the daylight, I don’t believe.

  3. Linda G. says:

    Spooky stuff!

    I don’t know if I believe there are supernatural reasons for events like these, but I don’t disbelieve it, either. If that make sense.

  4. I have. I one had a “vision” in my half asleep state that my grandmother died and told me I was going to have a baby girl. I looked at the clock and it was 11:30 pm. The next day my mom told me she got a call at 11:30 pm to tell her my grandmother had died. Naturally I freaked out and bought a pregnancy test. It came back negative. Two months later, I did accidentally get pregnant. With a girl.

  5. Gwen Gardner says:

    SA, it does make you think, doesn’t it?

    Tonja, I’m with you. I’m okay during the day, but give me scary circumstances…

    Linda, it makes perfect sense, lol!

    Stina, now that is spooky. There are things that happen we don’t understand. A psychic told my mother I’d have a daughter and she’d have health problems but would be okay. My daughter had open heart surgery at a year old.

    Dianne, thank you so much for hosting me and Angela today. We appreciate it so much. Lots of thoughtful comments and interest on today’s subject:)

  6. Oooh, so creepy! I’m not sure what I believe, but I’m not sure I want to know for certain, either!

    I used to work at an Embassy, and the older building is said to be haunted. Janitors and security staff have heard what sounds like the recycling being dragged across the floor, and some of them even told me they heard voices, as well as the sound of piano music.

    The basement certainly LOOKS haunted: diplomats and staff used to live on-site, so there are all sorts of abandoned dorms down there, as well as dozens of hallways, storage rooms, and locked doors. My coworkers and I went down there dozens of times to explore, and one of them used to say that he got a very bad feeling from the bathtub in the women’s dorms.

    But it’s actually upstairs in the kitchen where I had my creepy experience. I was standing with my back to the counters and the sink, with two friends standing next to me and another person standing in front of us, talking about prep for an event.

    I heard the plastic bags the veggies were in rustling, and got the unmistakable feeling someone was moving around behind me, so I thought for sure it was one of my friends. But when I looked back, there was no one there.

    It could have been a mouse, for sure. But it’s the first time I’ve been so certain that someone was behind me, only to be completely wrong.

  7. Oh, what fun! I have one.

    My grandfather had been sick for years. My uncle checked on him at his nursing home several times a week, but I lived about an hour away, so I only got up there about once a month.

    I hadn’t called my uncle in weeks to ask about my grandfather, because he works nights and I could never remember during the afternoons when he was awake. I finally remembered one day around noon. When I reached him, he was just leaving to visit my grandfather because the nursing home had called and said my grandfather was in distress.

    It turns out my grandfather had passed away right about the time I remembered to call my uncle.

  8. Angela Brown says:

    There are some things that happen that defy all the logic we want to apply. I admit, some of the stories being shared here give me the shivers.

    Thanks, Dianne, for having the Partners here today. And thanks to all who have shared thus far. Can’t wait to see what other spooky tales will be shared.

  9. What fun! We recently had a haunting at one of the sites I support at work.

  10. Oh, I love this. Great stories. Thanks for sharing girls. My daughter used to see my grandmother after her passing. She used to sit in the corner of our dining room and talk to her. Our dining room is filled with my grandmothers furniture. Spooky, yes.
    Stay dry and safe, Dianne.

  11. Gwen Gardner says:

    Becky, that is creepy. You really can feel it when someone is looking at you. But when no one’s there – *shivers*

    Krystalyn, I have heard stories like yours so many times. It’s odd how many people experience these “coincidences.”

    Matthew, is it a construction site? My cousins boyfriend had a haunting experience at a work site as well.

  12. Oooh, love this stuff. I’ve already shared my creepy paris appartment experiences. Other than that, I tend to think of my grandmother whenever I start to find french pennies all over the house.

  13. This is my favorite post of your whole blog tour!

    I’m a believer having seen ghosts since I was three. There are too many stories to tell but today on my blog, I’m retelling the story about one particular ghost I never met, but might have quite literally saved my life.

  14. Gwen Gardner says:

    Christine, that’s the kind of true paranormal stuff that doesn’t scare me. Um, unless it’s a dark, stormy night and the lights go out…

  15. Gwen Gardner says:

    Katie, I’ve heard about spirits leaving pennies around the house…but not French ones, lol!

  16. Gwen Gardner says:

    Maria, thank you! You see ghosts? Definitely on my way over:)

  17. I’m not going to even try to guess!!! I always get this stuff wrong.

  18. mshatch says:

    I love a good spooky story – especially if it’s real!

  19. Jemi Fraser says:

    Spooky!!! I’ve had minor instances happen – nothing concrete – but they sure make you wonder!

  20. Julia Tomiak says:

    Creepy- I guess this could all be used as ideas for future stories?

  21. Gwen Gardner says:

    Alex, they are all true!

  22. Gwen Gardner says:

    Mshatch, spooky stories give me delightful shivers, as long as I can keep it in perspective and not let my imagination run away with me:)

    Julia, they could. I actually have an evil Dark Shadow in my book.

    Jemi, they do make you think and wonder what all is out there that we don’t know about.