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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Random Animal Nonsense

Random Animal Nonsense

This was a week absolutely filled with animal nonsense. Allow me to elaborate.

1. Our dog Sorcia met her “cousin” Pumpkin when my sister’s family came for a visit from Kansas. Our dog was a little over-excited – like a giant, 80 pound toddler who gets really wound up and then crashes later. We got both dogs to sit for a photo, but the glowing eye thing is a bit creepy. Pumpkin spent the visit swimming in our pool every possible moment (Golden Retriever mode), while Sorcia worriedly watched everybody from the side of the pool, whining and crying, as though they were too stupid to take care of themselves (German Shepherd mode).

2. We also discovered a Mouse in the house. I was talking to my sister, Laurie, late on Sunday evening when I noticed her eyes kept sliding past me in a very distracted way. I figured I knew what she was looking at and I said, without bothering to turn around, “Which of the children is up?” She shook her head. “I don’t know if you want to know this, but you have a mouse.” Apparently, the little fellow had just climbed the stairs from the finished basement/guest room (“Where I have to sleep!” my sister pointed out), sauntered across the kitchen, and took refuge in the front room. We turned to stare accusingly at the two dogs, who were both passed out asleep in the family room, completely oblivious and useless. Nothing like this used to happen when we had our cat Maui (R.I.P.), killer of all things furry and small. We didn’t call him The Black Death for nothing! Oh, how we miss poor Maui!

3. Among the various dogs, cats, raccoons, possums, groundhogs, and deer we have loose in our neighborhood, we can now add a billy goat. (complete with cowbell) This handsome fellow has been spotted traipsing through the neighborhood and was photographed (much like Big Foot) by my neighbor, Kathy. “Trip, trap, trip trap,” pattered the Little Billy Goat Gruff. “Tis only I, come to assess the length of grass in the Surrey Hills neighborhood and determine a good asking price for my services!” And, frankly, we are very happy to have him, because the lawn service employed by half the neighborhood has been AWOL these past 2 weeks due to 102 degree temperatures interspersed with random driving rain.

4. Finally, I was happily drafting my WIP when, in the middle of an “unplugged” Practice Room session, I realized that one of my characters had just harvested honey in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in February, 1852. I don’t think so!! I had failed to adequately calculate how the sequence of events of this historical mystery would line up. Drat. No bees in February of any year in PA! I now have to re-adjust the events of the story. That’s what first drafts are for, I guess.

Any animals bugging you this week?

10 Responses to Random Animal Nonsense

  1. Looks like that lawn service has some steep competition, especially since the goat is providing his services for free.

    LOL about your honey bee timeline issue. I usual have to figure things around school schedules and national holidays . . . which I have to research because my books take place in the US, but I live in Canada.

  2. Jen says:

    AHHH What a crazy week in animal world!!! Too bad Maui wasn’t there to save the day… those little creatures are cute when they are caged, lol… not running around. I love the picture of Maui though… long may she be at peace and feel loved 🙂

  3. Anne says:

    We had a stray cat for a while. That was exciting! The hubs named him Nicodemus. The deer and turkeys make appearances from time to time too.

  4. Candyland says:

    My 2 cats always bug me. They’re the worst house cats ever.

  5. I can now add a #5 to this post:

    Sorcia has the mange, apparently. This involves returning to the vet every 2 weeks for a shot and a complicated regimen of steroids.

  6. JEM says:

    I really want to know who owns that billy goat, because that’s probably the coolest pet ever.

    I really wanted a flying squirrel as a pet when I was a kid, but then I had a nightmare that I woke up and the squirrel was crouched on the shelf above my bed, beady little eyes shining, and it flew at my face with its flying squirrel battle cry. Kind of killed it for me.

  7. jen.munday says:

    All pets have fleas – bad. One cat has bladder infection and was urinating in laundry baskets and ammo boxes before we got him on anti-biotics. Pet rabbit mysteriously had bunnies – without sex. I’m told they can store sperm – Grrrreat! Down to one hermit crab from 8 (nobody cares) And the tank fish is still pulling out his plastic plants and rearranging the tank (oh boy!)
    Enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the pics.!

  8. JEM — that one paragraph about the flying squirrel above your bed could be the seed for an entire horror story! Pretty vivid dream!

    Jen Munday — Your pet mayhem is worse than mine! Store sperm? Is that like Rabbit Family Planning?

  9. Linda G. says:

    Hmmm.I’d have to go with the stupid woodpecker who has fallen in love with our chimney cap. I’m tempted to make myself a slingshot.

    BTW, the doggy cousins are adorable. 🙂

  10. Our kittens are just ignoring the mouse. But, on the other hand, they also are ignoring our pet fish. So, there you go.

    Sounds like a nice doggy visit!

    The goat is awesome.

    I’m sorry about the bees. That’s a bummer. My neighbor has a hive (or whatever beekeeping is called). Delicious honey.