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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Release Dates

Release Dates

Ellen Jensen Abbott, Kit Grindstaff, Nancy Viau, and me
at a Barnes & Noble Educator Reception
One thing I’ve learned after the release of two previous books is that – unless you’re JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Jeff Kinney, or someone else in that stratosphere of authorhood – release dates are just a suggestion.

If you’ve pre-ordered a book on Amazon, it will be sent to your Kindle on the release date, and generally, Amazon tries to ship in advance so the book will arrive on the release date. (Sometimes they miss and it arrives a day early or a day late.) Sometimes, if Amazon miscalculates how many books to stock, they can run out and list your book as “out of stock” on the release date – which is really devastating. (This happened to a blogger friend of mine.)

As for book stores, they don’t have the space or inclination to store books in their back rooms until the release date. If it doesn’t have a strict “sell date,” they will unpack books and put them on the shelves as soon as they arrive. Their goal, of course, is to see them walk out the door with paying customers as soon as possible.
A picture of the book “in the wild” sent by a friend.
I’m right next to Luke Skywalker, uh, I mean
Johnny Tremain. (Really, doesn’t that look like Luke?)

That’s why my first two books were on shelves in advance of their release date and why I was able to sell copies of The Eighth Day last Wednesday, at a Barnes & Noble Educator Reception seven days ahead of its “release.” (Would’ve been cool if it was eightdays – but since we had sleet and snow last Tuesday, it’s just as well it didn’t happen that way.)

Does that mean I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, April 22, the official release date for The Eighth Day? No, of course I am! But when people ask what I’m doing to celebrate, I tell them it’s a regular work day. My husband won’t be home to share a glass of champagne with. But I will turn up the volume on my phone so I can hear all the Twitter notifications for Happy Book Birthday Tweets – and so can my students. We might even do a Happy Dance for each one. (While keeping our heads down and nose to the grindstone meeting our Common Core learning targets, of course …)

And by the way, remember Book 3, the one that gave me so much trouble? I sent the manuscript off to my editor. That’s worth a Happy Dance, too!

13 Responses to Release Dates

  1. I feel the same way. I’ve had so many stores release my books early that I’ve learned release dates don’t really mean much. I still celebrate, but it’s another work day too.

    Happy day before your release day, Dianne.

  2. SA Larsenッ says:

    Yay for release day! Want to hear something funny? You know I was hawing the other day about ‘needing’ to get my pre-ordered copy in my hands? I wake up this morning to find a message from Amazon. Summary – Amazon will not send me my copy. Why? I completely forgot that my identity had been compromised last month, so my bank issued me a new card. LOL That was the first thing I took care of this morning. Fixed the CC issue.

  3. Wow, Sheri – So you’re telling us you’re not who you say you are?
    Very Eighth Day of you. Lots of people hiding behind false identities in this series!

  4. Linda G. says:

    Hooray for your official release day tomorrow! And congrats on sending the Book 3 off to the publisher. I know what a relief that must be. 🙂

  5. Tiana Smith says:

    Wahoooo! Can’t wait!

  6. I am so excited to read it – and excited for you! I’ll send out a tweet so you can dance!

    Great post btw – the Amazon thing happened to me the day after release! Hope you have a drama-free release week!

  7. So interesting about the release date not being firm. So excited for you and I know you’ve got great ways planned to celebrate your book release even if the day it “releases” is a work day.

  8. Julie Dao says:

    HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY! I ordered my copy and cannot wait for it to get here!

  9. Robin says:

    How exciting to see your book on the shelf!!!!

    Release dates are more of a suggestion… hahahahaha.

    Congrats on your book birthday. So happy for you:)

  10. mshatch says:

    I’m glad you sent it off – that’s a little weight off your shoulders, eh?

  11. You definitely deserve a happy dance for each and every notification 🙂 Like everyone else, I hadn’t realised how fluid the release date could be. Interesting to know, especially if I can get my hands on a long-awaited book a few days early!

  12. Hi Dianne .. love the photo – and how amazing it’s all happening at once – I’ll be over to share that champers … so so pleased for you …

    Cheers and looking forward to reading it .. Hilary

  13. vbtremper says:

    Oh darn, I missed the actual release date, but still…Happy Book Birthday! I’m so excited to read this, and I know my son will love it, too. How many happy dances did your students do on your behalf?