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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Summer Recap

Summer Recap

It’s been a whirlwind summer for me, and from what I’ve been seeing on your blogs, the same is true for most of you. Don’t you think we all need an extra summer to recover from the regular summer? (Maybe a secret summer? Like a secret extra day? Wink, wink.)

  • My summer started off with a Memorial Day cookout at my house for friends and family which culminated in a text from my recently married brother asking if he could call because he had “some news” to share. We were all pretty sure what that news was going to be, and yes! — I’m expecting a new niece or nephew in December!
  • I attended the first annual Chesapeake Children’s Book Festival in Easton, Maryland which started off with a fantastic crab feast for the authors on the night before the event. Many of my fellow authors had never eaten whole crabs before, so I conducted a tutorial at my table on how to open them up and get the good stuff out.
Crab Feast

With Tara Lazar

  • In not so great events, my father unexpectedly had to have a pace maker installed in July. It was kind of an emergency, but everything went well, and he is feeling much better now. So all’s well that ends well.
  • My oldest daughter landed a plumb role in our community theater production of GREASE. She was Marty, one of the Pink Ladies. The show was a heck of a lotta fun, although it was disconcerting to take her grandparents to a show where Gabbey cursed, smoked, drank, flipped the bird, and adjusted her cleavage on stage. Nevertheless, she nailed her solo, Freddy My Love, so all was forgiven.

Compact in bra

Drinking and Smoking



  • No sooner had the two week production of GREASE ended than we were off to St. Croix for a fabulous family vacation and diving adventure.
  • Then of course, there was the contractor fiasco and a two-week scramble to get the bathroom finished by ourselves. We did get it done just in time to dash off to the airport and greet our German daughter. She’s been here over a week now and is starting school with my younger daughter today. Last week, we had fun showing her around the town. I attended the first football game of my life on Friday (no, really, it’s true) because she wanted to see our high school team play. Since our team trounced the other team, it was actually pretty fun.
  • Unfortunately, we had another awesome event planned for her that got abruptly cancelled. You may have seen news stories about the woman who died on a zip line course in Delaware last Wednesday. Well, my husband and the girls were scheduled for the zip line the following morning, but the company called Wednesday night to cancel our reservation. They didn’t explain why, but it was all over the news, so we knew. According to witness accounts, the woman disregarded the safety instructions and disconnected both her safety lines at the same time. My daughters and my husband, who have been on the course before, say they can’t imagine why anyone would need to do that. The trainers drill the correct procedure into the heads of all participants before they enter the course. I suppose we’ll never know what caused this woman to make that tragic mistake. It was very sad, and my heart goes out to her family, especially those who were there when she fell — and I’m also relieved that my girls weren’t there on that day. There’s been some grumbling about “more regulations being needed” since the accident. I do hope the company is allowed to keep the course open and running because sometimes an accident is just an accident.

My girls and their friends on a previous excursion to Go Ape Zip Line and Tree Top Adventure

  • Last but not least, Gabbey left for college. So we added a daughter, subtracted a daughter, and the net result is a status quo of two teenage girls in the house.

I wish I could say that things will quiet down this fall, but looking at my calendar, that’s not going to happen. So I’m kind of feeling like this:

George Jetson

16 Responses to Summer Recap

  1. RO says:

    Let me first give a HUGE YES to another summer. Too bad Groundhog Day is just a cool movie. (lol) Having a child leave the nest is always a little rough. My son is 31 now, but I still remember when he left AND moved to another state like it was yesterday. Very cool to add another daughter, though. Can we count on some quick German words we can show off with in bookstores or in the airport? (lol) Despite being born and raised in Maryland (yep, I’ve been to Easton, and a friend of mine owns a house there), I’m no lover of anything crabby.*heh* It’s just too much dang work to get to that meat. Give me a cheeseburger any day. Very col to meet other authors, though. That zipline thing sounds so horrible, and prayers go out to the family. I sure hope your week is as fab as you are! hugs…RO

  2. mshatch says:

    I wouldn’t mind another three months of summer 🙂 My youngest brother and his wife are also expecting their first, due in March, so another niece or nephew for me, too! Can’t wait to find out what they’re going to get – girl or boy? I’m hoping for a girl but I know they don’t care. Whatever it is it’ll be smart as the dickens since both parents have doctorates.

  3. I can’t believe how fast summer went too. Loved the pictures of your daughter in her play. I’m helping behind the scenes with a play right now. Learning a lot. And my daughter left for college yesterday. At least she’s in town.

  4. That was a busy summer.
    Shame about the accident at the zip line. Sometimes people do dumb things and that can’t be helped.

  5. Tiana Smith says:

    My summer was crazy. Sounds like yours was too! Here’s hoping it calms down some now that school is back in session.

  6. That is one bountiful summer! And so exciting. Your daughter looks just like you!

  7. What a summer! You definitely need another one…but much more relaxed. Enjoy your substitute daughter 🙂

  8. Lexa Cain says:

    Wow, what a busy and full summer you had! Crabs are fabulous! I miss NE lobster and Alaska crab. Here in Egypt, we have only little crab and big prawns – and they aren’t nearly as good. I’m glad your father’s doing well. Sorry you lost a daughter but glad you found a new one who likes football. It can be a lot of fun to watch!

  9. Hilary says:

    Hi Dianne – loved the photos of your family holiday … and now these – great fun seeing Gabbey in her play … and as you say one goes, another turns up! So pleased your father is better – amazing what they can do now-a-days … and such fun photos – oooh I’d love crab!! Cheers and just enjoy the businesses … that comes with being bizzzzzieeee … Hilary

  10. Bish Denham says:

    My, my. What a fun filled summer you had! I get playing the part of Marty was a blast for you daughter.

    So sad about the lady who died. I hope the company isn’t sued or anything, particularly if it wasn’t their fault.

  11. Wow, that is a busy summer! Mine has flown by as well. I spent way too much of it working! Will rectify that next year.

    Your daughter looks like she’s having so much fun in those pictures. She’s beautiful.

  12. You’ve been busy! Your daughter’s show looks like it was a lot of fun. Congrats to her. I’m glad your family wasn’t there when that woman fell from the zip line. I’m sure that was just awful to witness.

  13. Anna says:

    Family keeps us hopping, and I bless everyone of them. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  14. It sounds like you and your family had one absolutely fun-filled fantabulous summer. Just for you, I’ll go along with the notion of an additional three months of summer, just as long as they aren’t as bloody hot as these last three have been.

    YAY you for giving a tutorial on how to eat blue crabs! We’re planning to steam up a batch of them this weekend. (Can’t have a holiday without crabs!)

  15. Cynthia says:

    Sounds like you had a busy summer!

    I hope your father is doing okay. How fun that your daughter got to play a Pink Lady in Grease! She looks lovely in the pictures.

  16. That’s a lot of things happening. O_o And I understand why the zipline place canceled your reservation, but I do hope it gets to stay open; that place looks fun.

    My summer was pretty mellow, but I’m in between two vacations right now, so my September is packed. This is not my usual state and I have no idea how to handle it. >_<