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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Tattoos, Book Swag, and Teenagers Never Listen (Thank Heavens!)

Tattoos, Book Swag, and Teenagers Never Listen (Thank Heavens!)

Tattoos play an important role in my upcoming  EIGHTH DAY fantasy series.

So did my teenage daughter, Gabbey.

I asked Gabbey to design a family crest for Jax Aubrey’s tattoo. She did, although she didn’t exactly follow my directions.

But Gabbey’s diversion from what I wanted (specifically, she used a bald eagle instead of a falcon) inspired the title and the premise of the second book in the series, THE INQUISITOR’S MARK. In the first book, Jax’s mark is supposed to have a falcon, but he’s given a bald eagle by mistake, This becomes important in Book 2.

It was only appropriate, therefore, that I get temporary tattoos as swag for my book launch. Gabbey designed 5 crests for Transitioner families in the first book (as well as a couple for the second book, which we are holding back for now). Then my husband found TattooSales.com.

Oddly, the first shipment vanished somewhere between a Wednesday and a Thursday. The company could not explain what happened. It’s as if someone stole the box on a day that the rest of us don’t have, just to prevent me from giving away their secrets.

But finally …

I’ll be mailing these out to anyone who buys the books and wants a set — or who’d like to have a set just for fun or to give away as prizes. If you want some, let me know!

20 Responses to Tattoos, Book Swag, and Teenagers Never Listen (Thank Heavens!)

  1. Oh wow. Thank goodness for Gabbey’s diversion eh??

  2. It goes to show that things happen for a reason. Very cool.

  3. amazing where the twists and turns stem from! Those are so awesome.

  4. Tiana Smith says:

    How fun! I think I’m too old for temporary tattoos, but I’ll still be reading your book πŸ™‚

  5. HUGS go out to Gabbey for defying her mother. LOL πŸ˜‰

  6. So awesome what a big help Gabbey and that it helped inspire book 2. She’s very talented.

  7. Linda G. says:

    What a cool idea for swag! Gabbey is a talented artist–you’re lucky to have her in your household. πŸ™‚

  8. Robin says:

    They disappeared between Wednesday and Thursday. LOLOLOLOL.

    I can’t wait to read book two. I love how your daughter inspired it all with the bald eagle vs. the falcon. Yes, it is a GOOD thing she didn’t listen!!!!!

  9. Robin says:

    Dianne, I’m going to give away a copy on the release date and these would be fun to go with it. I’m impressed with Gabbey’s artwork!

  10. J E Oneil says:

    Your daughter designed that? Impressive! What good luck for you to have such a skilled artist in your family. I like how medieval-y they are. It’s also pretty cool how her choice provided a plot point in your book πŸ™‚

  11. Cynthia says:

    What cool tattoos! Creativity must run in your family. =)

  12. vbtremper says:

    Your daughter is very talented and that is one cool story. My kids will love this book, and those tattoos. We can’t wait for April!


  13. Jemi Fraser says:

    Gabbey is so talented! Those are awesome πŸ™‚

  14. Grunsday ATE them! Lol! Bad Grunsday…

  15. Lexa Cain says:

    What fun! Yay for your daughter and her “mistake” inspiring parts of book 2! Sometimes, mistakes are wonderful. πŸ™‚

  16. That is so cool, Dianne! I’m very impressed with your daughter and for your creativity with the tattoos to match your books – can’t wait to read!

  17. What a cool way to promote the book!

  18. Steven says:

    Way to roll with the punches! Some of my best mistakes were born of errors, which the beauty in embracing your imperfections and humanity.

  19. Dianne – I would love a few to give away to my students who read The Eighth Day. I loved the book and just posted my review at Books Aplenty, Books Galore

  20. Hi Dianne .. Gabbey’s done a great job – talented daughter. Fun that her typical teenage decision not to follow instructions .. gave you a different take – just love it. Those tattoo give-aways will be great .. especially for promotional purposes ..

    Cheers to the family – Hilary