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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | The Nerd and the Jock

The Nerd and the Jock

Last week, I googled up the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and was not happy to discover that it manifests as tingling sensations like needle-pricks in the wrist and arm, extending up into the fingers. Because that’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing in my left arm. UGH.

I know some of you have suffered with this, because I remember reading about it on several blogs. Of course, I didn’t run to a doctor or anything. I googled up home care remedies, started alternating ice and heat, and bought a little wrist brace from Amazon.

But mostly I tried to rest that hand as much as possible. I thought it would be easy, because I’m right-handed. However, while I was consciously trying not to use my left hand, I learned a lot about what each hand does – and I was surprised.

My right hand writes, brushes my teeth, and wields my fork and spoon. My left hand lifts and carries everything, from my hefty teachers’ manuals to every stack of papers I pick up in my mailbox. My right hand dials the phone, but my left hand holds it while I talk. My left hand unscrews all the lids and holds the Kindle, and my left thumb works the page-up key. And although I keep both hands on the wheel while driving, Leftie does all the turning.

When I mentioned this to Gabbey, she said, “Of course, Mom. One hand is always the nerd, and the other is the jock.”

How about you? Do you have a nerd and a jock at the ends of your arms? What have you done to alleviate/prevent pain from repetitive motion stress?

10 Responses to The Nerd and the Jock

  1. Sarah says:

    That is so interesting. I’ve never paid attention! I hope your wrist recuperates quickly–that sounds really frustrating.

  2. Linda G. says:

    I’m going through exactly the same thing. Also in my “jock” (nice, Gabbey!) hand. My symptoms go all the way up my arm now — it’s like having tennis elbow and rotator cuff tendinitis along with the carpal tunnel trouble. I know it’s because I’ve been pounding the keyboard too much lately, but with edits and a deadline — a new experience for me — I can’t really help it.)

    I started wearing an elbow band (it looks a lot like your wrist band), which seems to help somewhat. And I’m trying out some stretching exercises I found by googling “carpal tunnel exercises” on YouTube. I’ll let you know how they work for me.

  3. salarsenッ says:

    That is so funny. I was thinking I have a clown and a Marine. lol

  4. That is so strange, but interesting! I can do most things with either hand, but am not quite ambidextrous. I can’t write longhand with my left hand, but I do generally eat, drive, operate a phone, cook and so forth with it.

    I’m also left footed, which may sound like a strange thing to be aware of, but I used to play a lot of soccer.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. The nerd and the jock, hahaha.

    My left hand is like a toddler and my right hand is a calculated ninja.

  6. Your daughter has a refreshing way of looking at the world. I never really thought about my hands fulfilling jock or nerd functions. I hope it’s true, though. I’ve always been a nerd, but have NEVER been accused of being a jock. It’d be nice to think one of my hands qualified.

  7. mshatch says:

    I’m completely write-handed – except when it comes to driving. Then I’m mostly left.

  8. I haven’t had any experience with this…yet. But lord knows with the rate I’m going, it will become a reality at some point. One of my goals this summer is to get in shape for fall so I can join ‘gymnastics for adults’ and improve overall flexibility and health and I’ll probably end up getting preventative wrist bands for when I write as well.

  9. I wonder if this applies to left brain/right brain. My wife said that I’m a pain in the brain at times! Although she didn’t say what side of her brain I caused the pain in? I’ll have to do some research on this most interesting topic 🙂

    Have a great weekend


  10. Claire Dawn says:

    The nerd and the jock! Nice.:) Hope your hand issues clear up soon.