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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Things To Do: None

Things To Do: None

Keeping it short here today. This past weekend was Parents Day at my daughter’s college. Bob and I drove over 4 hours to visit Gabbey at school. When we arrived, the school had planned some activities, but none them appealed to us.

Field Day for Parents? Pass. I am a grown up. No one can ever get me into a Potato Sack Race again.

Football Game? Gabbey said, “Heck no.”

We checked TripAdvisor for local attractions, and this is what we found:


Yup. Things to Do is grayed out. Gabbey’s college is located in the dictionary definition of BOONDOCKS. The Potato Sack Race was looking better and better.

At least we got to spend a couple days with Gabbey.


When I’m at home, our local attractions are:

  • Longwood Gardens (pretty famous)
  • Brandywine River Museum of Art (original Andrew Wyeth paintings, he was a local)
  • Brandywine Battlefield (re-enactment once a year)
  • Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure at Lum’s Pond (awesome, but now infamous, see earlier post)

If we go a little further afield, we can reach Hershey Park, Hershey World, Lancaster (Amish Country), and anything in Philadelphia.


We live on the southern edge of Amish Country. Getting blocked in by a horse and buggy is not a daily event, but it happens.

What are the local attractions in your neck of the woods?


17 Responses to Things To Do: None

  1. Glad you at least got to spend time with your daughter. Hope they have fun things for her to do on campus.

  2. mshatch says:

    Oh, too many to count! There’s the local beaches, rivers, lakes = boating/fishing/ swimming plus many historical sites, shops, museums, hiking trails etc and if that’s not enough we have our annual pumpkinfest, which is my personal fave 🙂

  3. At least you got to spend time with her. And eat since the area didn’t lack for restaurants.
    You can go indoor skydiving near here.

  4. Hey, my hubby has lived in your area–many, many years ago. Not me. The closest I got was upstate NY. Brr.

    Hey, at least you know your daughter isn’t at a school that will attract a crazy shooter or terrorist attack, eh? (Crystal, stop planting these ideas! What’s wrong with you?)

    I’d list our attractions, but I’ll just say I live in vacation world, aka the Orlando area.

  5. Glad you got some time with your daughter! We’re right in the middle of Amish country, but as to other sights…*sigh* If you calculate about an hour + drive, then we get to a cave and a couple small museums. But so is life in the middle of nowhere.

  6. Hilary says:

    Hi Dianne – well that solved that problem: no choices! I guess you just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company – before she settled into the Autumn term. I’d love to visit the Brandywine Museum … Wyeth is a fascinating artist and family man … cheers Hilary

  7. You’d think they’d have better activities for Parent’s Day, I mean for parents not the college kids. 🙂 It’s great you got to spend time with your daughter.

  8. Tiana Smith says:

    I live near SLC, so there’s actually quite a bit to do since it’s a larger city. Most of them are Mormon based though, so for people who aren’t LDS it’s a little harder to find stuff.

  9. Sounds as if you created some great things to do together.

  10. J E Oneil says:

    How boring! It sounds a lot like my college. The closest local attractions were in a city thirty miles away. I hope your daughter has a good time there in spite of that.

  11. Anna says:

    We are pretty low key here with camping, water sports in the summer and skiing (on one tiny, tiny hill) and snowmobiling in winter. We make our own fun.

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  12. RO says:

    YOWZA – 4 hOURS! But that’s what we do to spend time with our kiddies, right? That’s the fun part. You’ve been reading my blog, so you already know you and I are going to be best friends because you’re not far from a fun amusement park I visited as a kid several times – Yay for Hershey Park! I can ride a roller coaster over and over again. In Raleigh there are tons of museums for just about anything, plenty of parks for fishing, clubs and lounges for dancing and networking and food fun. Everyone loves to visit Biltmore around the holidays, and the zoo is a little ways from where I live and wish it was closer. We also have Carowinds Amusement Park which is about 2 hours away. By the way, I’ve never been in a potato sack race, but I welcome the aerobic activity which is greatly needed these days. What a fab and lovely picture of you guys! Hugs…RO

  13. Sherry Ellis says:

    I live in Atlanta, so there are tons of things to do here. At least you got to spend quality time with your daughter.

  14. ChemistKen says:

    Parent’s Day at schools never feels like they’re designed to entertain the parents. Glad you found something else to do.

    Not that much to do in the Detroit area.

  15. Julia Tomiak says:

    We live in the boonies of southwest Virginia, so when we go places, I definitely try to “DO” things. The local attractions for us include outdoor/ recreation stuff… biking on the New River Trail, hiking, going to a lake. Sadly, those things aren’t as fun when the weather is bad; winters can get very long.
    I’ve been to Longwood Gardens with my friends from Chester Springs. Beautiful!

  16. Potato sack races?! Lol. I think I’d have to pass on those too!

    I live near Charlotte, so there are tons of things to do. The mountains are only an hour away for those who love camping, hiking, etc. but the city itself isn’t far for those who love art, festivals, music, botanical gardens, etc. The little town I live in has its own fair share of fun things—small town fairs and the like. Glad you at least got to spend time with your daughter! 🙂

  17. And here I was hoping this was a post about you finishing up a bunch of things you had to do. >_< Bummer about the greyed-out "things to do" bit, but at least you got a good story and time with family out of it.

    I'm not sure of many things to do around here, but I know some, and I'm only half an hour away from Seattle, so I know I can find something when I need to.