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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | This is Not Going to Get Me ‘Mother of the Year’

This is Not Going to Get Me ‘Mother of the Year’

Yup, this is one of the things I put on my Christmas wish list, and Santa was obliging: big yellow noise-blocking headphones. I know. Terrible, isn’t it?

“What big headphones you have, Mommy!”
“The better to ignore you with, my dear.”

These headphones are excellent at blocking out:

-Zelda music
-Gabbey talking to the Zelda game
-Gabbey playing Zelda music on her ocarina or viola
-Gabbey whistling and/or humming Zelda music
-Gina practicing the flute
-Gina and Gabbey arguing
-Phineas & Ferb
-Wizards of Waverly Place

Due to the high-pitched, shrill voices of the title characters, the headphones cannot quite block out:

-Sunny with a Chance
-Hannah Montana

They absolutely do not block questions like:

“Mom, can I have candy for dinner?” and …
“Mom, can I have all the money in your wallet?”
so quit trying, Gabbey!

12 Responses to This is Not Going to Get Me ‘Mother of the Year’

  1. Oh, those are so excellent! LOL. And I love that they are big bird yellow. Somehow that’s the icing on the cake.

  2. Yes. Fantastic. I might have to put them on my next list. Part of the beauty is how obvious they are. Maybe I could wear a sign in the meantime?

  3. Linda G. says:

    LOL! And so stylish, too. I love them!

  4. I need a pair of those. Does it block out kids fighting?
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Katie Mills says:

    I need me some of those. The ear plugs just aren’t doin it for me:)

  6. I WANT THOSE!!! lately my writing has been a little… ick… and I hold Dora the Explorer (the soundtrack to my life, currently) 100% responsible 😀

  7. Name: Aine says:

    Aww… I love Phineas and Ferb. I wouldn’t want to block that out.

    I got some last year. Roommate gave them to me to block out her sons’ arguments. But they gave me a headache. Apparently, that is a common issue. Hopefully yours don’t do that. 🙂

  8. Sun Singer says:

    What a wonderful gift. If I had all that noise in my house, I would consider these headphones a sanity present.


  9. My son has a pair of red ones he got for when he and his dad go to the drag races. I use them from time to time when I want to drown out the noise of the TV and talking, when I’m trying to write or read on the weekends.

  10. I know what I want for Mother’s Day!!!! Thanks for sharing…Seriously…I’d like to sleep through the night with my lovely snorer…

  11. Lenny Lee* says:

    hi miss dianne! wow pretty cool ear phones. im thinking if your book doesnt get you lots of money for sure you could work at a airport. ha ha. we could need some of those cause when all of us get at home and playing our own music and watching tv and doing other stuff it could get pretty noisy.
    …laughs and hugs from lenny