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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Vlog: The Haverford Dead Book Duo

Vlog: The Haverford Dead Book Duo

This past Saturday, I was honored to attend a book event at Children’s Book World in Haverford, PA with Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown, author and illustrator of Picture the Dead. I loved this bookstore! Heather Hebert and all the staff made us feel very welcome. When I arrived (pathologically early, as usual), I was greeted: “Oh! You’re one of the Dead Book authors. I hope you don’t mind that we’ve been calling you that!”

I didn’t mind. I loved it!

I brought my own video crew, who produced a vlog of the event. One of the cameragirls is … uh … not very tall. Thus some of the odd camera angles. Still, I couldn’t have done it without my crew. Love ya, girls!

9 Responses to Vlog: The Haverford Dead Book Duo

  1. Candyland says:

    You couldn’t get any freaking cuter. Great VLog:)

  2. AHH! This is total writer porn! You guys look fab!

  3. Donna says:

    Future Filmmakers of America???? Great Job Gabbey and Gina 🙂

  4. Melissa Dean says:

    Great Vlog!! Oh, and thanks for the autographed book plate for my copy! I received it yesterday and was very touched by the personal note. Things are going well with my book (actually a Sourcebook editor has it right now!) and I hope to return a bookplate of my own to you in the near future!

    BTW, LOVED the book! Couldn’t put it down and it is making the rounds at my school as we speak!

  5. salarsenッ says:

    I almost cried! Loved this!!

  6. Linda G. says:

    Dead Book authors? LOL! Love it. Great vlog, too–looks like it was a fun signing. 🙂

  7. Jen says:

    Fantastic Vlog!!! Flippin sweet! I followed over from the lovely Candyland!

  8. Jen says:

    BTW Happy 50 followers!!! I love being a good number like that 🙂

  9. Thanks for being my 50th, Jen!

    My video crew-members are thrilled that everybody likes their stuff! I need to bring a step stool to the next event, though, because being filmed at waist level is SO not flattering.