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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | “Where’s Lenny Lee?” Birthday Bash

“Where’s Lenny Lee?” Birthday Bash


Lennys sunshineGuess who turns 15 today?

I can hardly believe that Lenny Lee is already 15! Wasn’t he having his 11th birthday only last year?

Over the years, Lenny has brought joy into a lot of bloggers’ lives. His sunshiny avatar, his fondness for exclamation points, and his clever wit cheered us during our writing struggles, lifted us up after our failures, and celebrated with us over our successes. Lenny was one of my beta readers for The Eighth Day and The Inquisitor’s Mark.

When I retired earlier this year, Lenny sent me a gift of two mugs — one with the titles of banned books and one with the first lines of famous novels — and a lovely card wishing that one of my books would someday end up on a mug!


Lately, Lenny has been absent from the blogosphere. I know he probably has many important teenage things to do, like saving the world, defeating villains, battling monsters, and overturning despotic governments. (Pick up a YA novel and check out what the teenagers are doing. They’re all very busy.)

But this Birthday Blog Fest is just to let Lenny know how much we’ve missed him. Lenny, when you have the time, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you’ve been up to!

16 Responses to “Where’s Lenny Lee?” Birthday Bash

  1. Sheri Larsen says:

    He is the most thoughtful kiddo, isn’t he? And with everything he’s been through …. I love how he sees the world beyond himself.

    Happy Birthday, Lenny!

  2. Keith Wynn says:

    Happy birthday to Lenny Lee!!!!

  3. Joanne Fritz says:

    Lovely post, Dianne! I had the same thought: wasn’t Lenny just 11??

  4. That was nice of him to send you those mugs. Happy birthday, Lenny.

  5. Hilary says:

    Hi Dianne .. those mugs are great – and just so ‘you’ … very appropriate. Lenny is an amazing young man now .. I think he’s hit that age … I sincerely hope he’s able to enjoy his birthday .. he doesn’t much like school – as many of us schooling kids didn’t … but he does have such a fun way about him .. I love his emails and repartee we have …

    Cheers and thanks for posting for Lenny – he’s special .. Hilary

  6. Lenny is such a sweetie. Awesome he gave you those mugs. So thoughtful. And that he’s one of your beta readers.

  7. lenny says:

    hi miss Dianne! BIG thanks for such a cool post for my birthday. you make me feel sooooo special. sorry i haven’t been aroud for a while. ive been busy saving the world from the walking dead, strange aliens and creatures from beneath the sea. hmmm. i wonder how come the walking dead dont just eat each other???? did you write another mg book this summer? i love your writing. cant wait for you next book.
    and cant wait to see you on a coffee mug. ha ha. 🙂

    …lots of love and hugs from lenny

  8. Kids age so much faster than older people do. It’s a fact, and if it’s not, I’m planning on making it one. So while Lenny turns 15, I plan to not turn anything with with larger number. I’d still like some cake, though.

    Happy Birthday, Lenny.

  9. What a sweet idea. Those are awesome mugs too.

  10. Aw! He sent you mugs? How sweet! I have a blog buddy who’s a teenager that keeps disappearing from the blogosphere too. *sigh* What can you do? These kids have to live their lives.

  11. Well, I feel really left out because I don’t know Lenny. Happy Birthday, Lenny Lee! Those mugs were a really cool gift to send. My kind of friend.

  12. Those mugs are cool! And I agree – it would be awesome to see one of your books on a mug 🙂

  13. Those coffee mugs are really cool. Lenny is such a thoughtful young man. I’m glad he had a super birthday!

  14. Boy, we sure do miss him! I’m pretty sure he’s gotten the hint that we would like to see him come back and visit with us.

  15. Tess Grant says:

    I agree with Sherry. It would be great to have your book end up on a mug on like that. What a cool gift.

  16. Tess Grant says:

    I agree with Sherrie. It would be great to see your book end up a mug like that. What a cool gift.