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Dianne Salerni : Writer of Teen and Middle Grade Fiction | Who Wants an Eighth Day Calendar?

Who Wants an Eighth Day Calendar?

I have some good looking calendars up for grabs this month! Check out this gorgeous 16-Month Transitioner’s Calendar for September 2015 thru December 2016.


All the character sketches are done by the talented teen artist Rachel Gillespie. My daughter Gabrielle designed the family crests and the layout of the calendar itself, with a Grunsday conveniently inserted between Wednesday and Thursday to record all your eighth day adventures.


You’ll even get a sneak peek at characters from the forthcoming third book, The Morrigan’s Curse, which releases on January 26, 2016. I’ll autograph the back of the calendar and throw in some temporary tattoos for fun.


If you have a tween/teen reader at home who enjoyed The Eighth Day and/or The Inquisitor’s Mark (or if you just want one for yourself), all you have to do is send me a message through my CONTACT page.

Put “I Want a Calendar” in the Subject Heading — and in the body of the email, tell me your favorite part of the book. (Yup, that’s right, I’m soliciting strokes for my ego. I love it when people tell me their favorite parts.) You can enter up to 3 times, (but you’ll have to tell me 3 different favorite parts). I’ll be accepting entries up until midnight of August 31 (ETA) and notify FIVE winners on September 1.

Heck, if I get a lot of entries, maybe I’ll give away more than five …

In other news, it’s been a very busy summer so far — and it shows no signs of letting up! I’ve been on author visits to Baltimore, Maryland, York County, Pennsylvania, Moorestown, New Jersey, and I have an upcoming visit to Brookville, Pennsylvania. I’m teaching a literary club at a youth community center in Parkesburg, PA, and preparing to teach a Writer’s Workshop Course at the Delaware County Community College. (Or as we like to call itΒ DC3)

We said a fond good-bye to our teen French guest at the end of July. We had a lot of fun and took her on many adventures — including almost drowning her in the Lehigh River:

River rafting adventure

That’s my husband, me, and Clelie making the acquaintance of a nice family from New Jersey as we desperately cling to the side of their raft. My daughter Gina had already been swept downstream, where she was temporarily adopted by a different family. I guess Clelie forgave us, though, because she had us pose for a good-bye photo holding the sign we’d greeted her with on her arrival 3 weeks prior. She posted this to Facebook and called us “the most adorable family of America.”

Good bye to Clelie


That’s an accolade we are delighted to accept!

14 Responses to Who Wants an Eighth Day Calendar?

  1. You guys created a really nice calendar!
    Glad you didn’t drown her. Bet she had the adventure of a lifetime with your family.

  2. Tiana Smith says:

    I’ll be sure to spread the word about the awesome calendars!

  3. Misha says:

    Love the calendars. And very glad that you ALMOST (as supposed to completely) drowned your guest. Did the raft capsize?

  4. Beautiful calendar! Love the drawings.

    I’ve had a few interesting encounters on white water and spent a lot of time chasing my raft down river. Great adventure if you like a cold and swift swim.

  5. J E Oneil says:

    What a cool idea for fans of your books. What’s more perfect to remember The Eighth Day than a calendar with it?

    Looks like Clelie picked the right family to stay with πŸ™‚

  6. Gwen Gardner says:

    Haha! I love white water rafting. I was the one who got sucked out going through a place called “the squeeze” and was well on my way downstream and almost out to sea (Just kidding!) when they found me. Looks like you had fun!

  7. Chuck Robertson says:

    The calendar is a great promotional idea. There are times I wish I had eight days a week. I’d get more done.:)

  8. Hilary says:

    Hi Dianne – the Eighth Day book looks amazing and the idea of a Grunsday is just what I need now … as I’ve been procrastinating and need to get on – a Grunsday a week would be great!! Fantastic idea, and I love the characterisations on the pages …

    Gosh so glad you were all ok after your spills … and the French are still speaking to the Americans! Amazing time you gave her – lovely to see.

    Your author speaking events are encouraging … lots going on – good luck and enjoy the rest of the summer … I’d love a calendar – but have not read the book. Cheers Hilary

  9. Julia Tomiak says:

    This looks very cool – I haven’t seen “swag” like this before! I’ll spread the word. Perfect for back to sch***.

  10. The calendar thing is an awesome idea, especially with the extra day being something from your books. Kind of jealous over here. πŸ˜› And definitely jealous about the river-rafting, I’ve always wanted to do that but never have.

  11. Amymak says:

    How cool are those calendars!!!? Love it. Very clever. And the white water rafting…glad you didn’t drown and sounds like a fabulous adventure πŸ™‚

  12. Lexa Cain says:

    Great looking calendar! You went white water rafting?? You’re so brave (and wet!). I bet the exchange student will remember that trip forever! LOL

  13. Calendars are a great idea! I love it.

  14. I’ve never done white-water rafting, and now I really WANT to do it!! Loved how you downplayed the action, as if y’all were at a garden party!

    (You really should try your hand at writing, Dianne. I thin- …oh πŸ™‚

    PS: The calendars are fantastic looking, and while I haven’t )(and forgive me!) read the Eighth Day yet, I will keep my eye out, in case you have another promo πŸ™‚

    PPS: That was *very* sweet of your exchange student – nice job taking one for the “Promote US Overseas” team πŸ™‚

    Hey, that could be a cool title for some marketing promotion… maybe I can be a writer, too…. oh.