dianne salerni author
dianne salerni author
Jadie in Five Dimensions by author Dianne Salerni


Publication Date: September 7, 2021

Jadie Martin grew up believing she was abandoned by her parents as an infant. Creatures from the 4th dimension rescued her and placed her with a loving adoptive family. Now, Jadie acts as an agent for those beings, also known as Seers. She uses the 4th dimension as a short-cut means to travel anywhere on Earth, performing missions calculated to guide the world toward a brighter future.

But when Jadie breaks the rules to switch assignments with another agent, she accidentally discovers that her origin story is a lie. Doubting the Seers, Jadie starts asking herself: What are the true intentions of the Seers? Do her missions really make the world a better place? Most importantly, what will all-powerful four-dimensional beings do to a rebellious human girl when they realize she’s interfering with their plans?

A Wrinkle in Time meets Flatland in this thrilling, think-outside-the-box adventure that challenges the meaning of family, loyalty, and free will.


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