Who doesn’t love a CONTEST? Especially when the prizes are books!

Kelsey the Book Scout is running a contest on her blog until April 24 and offering 10 books as prizes, along with some great swag! All you have to do is match a few YA Authors with their pets – and wait until you see the adorable pets!

It’s not that hard, really. A little internet search will probably give you all the clues you need. What author hasn’t blogged or Twittered about her pet? I know I have! My repeated complaints about shedding even netted me the company that makes The Furminator as a follower!

Kelsey is also offering clues by email, and when in doubt, you can always email the author. I’ve already had some inquiries.

On offer are copies of Dirty Little Secrets, Girl Overboard, and The Naughty List, as well as ARCs of The Heart is Not a Size, The Body Finder, and yes … We Hear the Dead. Over twenty YA/Teen authors are participating, including C.J. Omololu, Phoebe Kitanidis, and Shana Norris.

I’ll start you off with a clue about my pet. See that warrior woman at the top of this post? She’s a character in the movie Willow, and my pet has the same name … although spelled a little differently. Good luck – Win lots of books!

Enter the contest here.