No, this isn’t my entry of A for the blogfest!

Since I’m not participating in the AtoZ Blogfest, I thought this would be a good month to take a hiatus from posting.  I will be here for the PlotFest on April 17th, however, which is supposed to correspond to the Letter P.  Click HERE to sign up.

I may still swing by your blogs to say hello.  I’ll miss you too much to stay away from the blogging world completely.

And I am looking for THREE participants to share the first pages of their WIPs for May’s FIRST IMPRESSIONS.  This is open to anybody looking for feedback, whether you’re working on a first draft or polishing your manuscript in preparation for querying.  If you’re interested, please see the instructions on the sidebar.

I’ll also continue to host The Practice Room every Monday night:  Check-in starts at 7:30pm EST, with dedicated writing time from 8-9pm, followed by a chat at 9:00.  If you’re looking to commit yourself to a writing block at least once a week, and if you want to chat with other writers about your progress, please check us out. (Contact me by email if you want more information.)  I can’t tell you how often our weekly chat has helped me work out a plot issue, and I hope I’ve helped others the same way.

So, for now — Au Revoir — enjoy the AtoZ Challenge — and see you on April 17th.