I admit it. I don’t understand Pinterest or Tumblr.  I’ve looked up explanations of these social networks, but reading that Tumblr is a forum for micro-blogging doesn’t help me much. What is micro-blogging?  Blogging for teeny tiny people?  And Pinterest is a content sharing device. Very helpful. So is a book.
With my second book coming out next spring, I need to start thinking about promotions.  One of the things I wanted to do was to set up a site where I could share photographs of the real caged graves that inspired the story, as well as invite others to share photographs/stories of interesting graves and cemeteries.  People have already started sending me links to pictures of spooky and bizarre gravestones. 
I’m thinking Pinterest might be the right vehicle for this. But I’ve also heard Tumblr reaches more people. Has anyone actually used either of these sites for book promotions or personal networking? Do you find them effective – or are you just connecting with the same people you know from blogging and Facebook and Twitter?  When you “pin” or “tumble” something — does anybody really see it?
In short, are these sites worth the time needed to invest in them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!