It’s probably a little early to start thinking of launch parties and book swag, considering my next book’s not due to come out until 2013, but I can’t help myself.  I asked my daughter if one of her talented friends might be interested in doing some artwork for promotions when the time comes, and immediately her friend Emily H. produced this:

Isn’t it awesome? I’ve spoken to Emily and explained that I’m looking for something with a simpler design I can use as a logo on t-shirts, buttons, or stationery. But I’d love to use this drawing as well.  Can anyone think of a way to use this lovely illustration, besides displaying it on my sidebar and (obviously) framing it and hanging it proudly on my wall?
On another topic, Marcy Hatch and I will be doing our First Impressions series for February this Wednesday and Friday, but as of the writing of this post, there’s still an open spot for Monday, February 6. Is there anyone out there who’d like to share the first page of their WIP and get some feedback?  See the sidebar for details!
March will be the anniversary of Marcy and I beginning our First Impressions series, and to celebrate, we’re going to turn the tables and post the first pages of our own WIPs and let you guys do the critiquing!  That still leaves one spot open in March, for anyone who’s interested.
One month almost gone in 2012, folks. Wow!