Guess what’s come back to me?

This manuscript feels like a boomerang. Every time I send it off, it comes right back (in a big 4lb package). I suppose it feels that way because nothing happened for 6 months after the book was purchased, and then everything happened in quick succession. (With my last book, the whole process was more spread out.)

I’ve been through two rounds of editorial revisions, and now this is the copy-editing stage.

My biggest worry? Reading the copy-editor’s brown pencil notations.  I hope my bifocals are up to the job, because I left my lighted magnifying glass in my desk at school and I really don’t want to go back for it.

The coolest thing so far?  There’s been a page added since I last saw the manuscript.  The copyright page. LOOK!

And the best thing about reviewing the copy edits by hand on paper?  I’ll have to get off the laptop and sit at a well-lighted table.  Good for my sore shoulder and unhappy left arm. (*)

* Amended — My shoulder actually hurts more after sitting hunched over the manuscript at the kitchen table for a few hours than it does when using the laptop on the couch.  FYI.