First of all, the setting for this scene is the sleepy mountain town of Catawissa, PA in 1867. So those of you who guessed it was historical were correct! Lenny’s first comment comes very close to describing the correct clothing for Verity. (Yay, Lenny!)

When I close my eyes and see Verity running cross that graveyard, I see she’s dressed in a long fluffy skirt and old fashion lace up shoes and a long sleeve low neck shirt.

Most people guessed that Verity was a brunette, but she’s actually blonde. (Yay, Brenda and Lorna!) Lindsay, Diane, and Jen guessed the right eye color, which is green. She’s 17 years old and engaged to marry this young man she barely knows.

Only Francine gave a description of Nate, and she fairly well pegged him!

Nate, I’m seeing as all man, shy, tending reserve in nature, brooding looks with dark brown eyes, and Verity his first real love interest.

I spent a lot of time looking for pictures that matched my characters. For Verity Boone, I could have cheated and just given you a picture of Kate Winslet in period dress.

BUT it’s at least 50 years off from the correct period – and Kate doesn’t quite work for me. I really wanted to find a historical photo – a daguerreotype, actually – that matched my golden-haired, green-eyed Verity Boone. Of course, I had to deal in black and white pictures, and it seemed that most of the girls wearing their hair in the curls I wanted were brunettes. After much searching, I chose this picture as my best option.

What attracted me to this picture is the girl’s direct, confident gaze. There’s a complacency about her that suggests she can be sweet when she wants to be, but cross her at your peril! And she might have honey-colored hair. It’s possible.

Nate McClure was actually easier. When he was courting Verity Boone by letter, he sent her a photograph in which he was stuffed into a suit, with his dark hair severely combed down. His dark eyes were rather stern, and she thought he was “nearly handsome – and might be more so when he smiled.” I thought this photograph almost perfectly matched Nate (except for the sideburns), although he was a little more disheveled when chasing Verity through the cemetery.

For those of you who wanted to know more about these caged graves, I wrote a post back in January describing my encounter with the real life graves that inspired this story.

Thanks, Jen, for hosting this blogfest! It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go visit all the other blogs and see how close (far) I was in my guesses!

Historical photos from Library of Congress.