It’s the Night Before Christmas and the house is a wreck.

All the creatures are up and about and running amok.

The children are NOT nestled in bed – more likely sprawled all over the floor with their cousins from Kansas, whom they haven’t seen in six months. They don’t even know what sugar plums are, and they’re probably not asleep.

I don’t have a kerchief, and Bob doesn’t wear a cap. But I’m sure we’ve got cocktails and music playing downstairs, and we’re enjoying the company of my sister Laurie and her husband Keith. If my brother Brian has driven up from Washington D.C. yet, he’s probably here too.

We’ve got yards of wrapping paper and several rolls of scotch tape, and we’re doing some last minute Christmas wrapping. Sorcia is probably beside herself with glee over the houseful of people – and there’s German Shepherd hair stuck under all the tape on the packages. (We’ll have to tell my niece tomorrow that the elves shed.)

That’s our Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends from the Salerni Family! Have a wonderful, peaceful, and joyful weekend!