Happy December 17th, everyone! I know it may not be a significant date for most people, but it’s my wedding anniversary! Bob and I were married on this day in 1994, the week before Christmas. It was a jolly and festive celebration!

We went skiing in Killington, Vermont for our honeymoon.

And I came home looking like this.

Yes, there was a lot of sophomoric laughter and all kinds of jokes about how I *really* injured my leg, but the true story is I fell over a rock while skiing on a relatively flat and easy trail. One wrong twist of the knee and – rip, there goes the ACL.

While I’m taking a look back in time, I’d like to point you in the direction of a new blog that launched this month: Dear Teen Me. This is the brainchild of blogger E. Kristin Anderson and fellow Sourcebooks author Miranda Kenneally. At Dear Teen Me, various up and coming YA authors share letters they wish they could write to their teenage selves.

So far, we’ve had a list of Do’s and Don’ts from Heidi R. Kling, boyfriend advice from Carrie Jones, and a list from Charles Benoit of 10 things he wanted to do before age 50 that he’s already done. I have a letter too, and my post is scheduled for sometime in late January!

Stop by Dear Teen Me for a bit of nostalgia – and some great dorky pix of awkward teenage future authors.

P.S. Do you have your Christmas shopping done yet? How about those cards? And how am I going to get this year’s Christmas skit written while I’m fooling around on Blogger …?