I guess it’s all about Gabbey on the blog this week!

No sooner had summer vacation started, than Gabbey asked me to help her with one of her projects: setting up a wiki where teens who like to write can post their work and get feedback from other teens who write. She has tried posting her work in other forums, but these tend to be taken over by adults who write for teens – and then the teens feel intimidated putting their work out there next to the adult work. So, this site is specifically for teen writers.

I helped her set up the wiki, and I will help moderate it. She invited some friends, and I invited some teen writers I’ve met online. But Gabbey and her friends would love to meet other teen writers from all over the world – share their work, talk through their plot and character problems, and commiserate about revisions. If you’re a teen who writes – or you know one – give a holler!

Send me an email at dksalerni@gmail.com and I will send you an invitation to join the wiki. It’s as simple as that.

I’d also like to mention that there is still 1 spot open for First Impressions in July. Send me the first page of your manuscript to get a friendly and constructive review from me and Marcy Hatch. Directions for submitting are on the sidebar, and you can check out prior critiques from my archives or by selecting “First Impressions” from the Label cloud.

Hoping to hear from you!