No. 9 Mine in Lansford, PA

Today is the last day of my summer vacation. Tomorrow will be my first day of teacher in-service, and next Monday, students arrive for their first day.  It has been an unusually long summer, because we had no snow days to make up in June.  Iā€™m satisfied with my rejuvenating break and ready to return to work.
So, how did I make out on my summer goals?

      1. Finish the first draft of my WIP, GRUNSDAY. Not only did I finish the first draft, I finished the second draft and sent the manuscript off to beta-readers. Iā€™m pretty excited about my progress on this story!
       2. Take a mine tour up in the Pocono Mountains. I did do this, in early July. The trip was related to a shelved manuscript.  I found the tour fascinating, but this little jaunt was eclipsed by the tour of Teotihuacan and the climbing of The Sun Pyramid as part of my research for GRUNSDAY, which became the highlight of my summer.
3.      Determine the fate of PORTAL.  This manuscript will stay shelved for now. The mine tour failed to re-awaken my interest in the topic or suggest solutions to the problems of plot, pacing, and character.
The Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico
4.      Get some exercise. I did this.  I swam, I walked the dog, and I even took up bike riding with my husband and daughters. (Before this summer the last time I rode a bike was when I was twelve.)  And of course, climbing to the top of that pyramid was a bit of a feat, too!
5.      Refuse to ride the emotional roller coaster.  Sigh. This one is hard. Let’s face it. Our writing is so near and dear to us, it’s hard not to fret, berate ourselves, jump every time we see Inbox (1), and occasionally dissolve into a puddle of insecurity.  But I’m working on it … and maybe getting a little better.
So, what did you do this summer?