I promised I’d come back and show you pictures of my newly remodeled kitchen.

Yeah, well, we’re not there yet. You might call this the halfway mark.

The hideous pink and blue tile floor is gone, and so is the seven-sided island with its incredibly ugly pink tile top.  (Look here to see what we tore out.)

I love the beautiful new earth-tone floor and the deep drawers in our new island (which still needs to be painted to match the cabinets).  But one thing we didn’t realize was that when the granite people came in to make a template of our new counter tops, they had to remove the old ones …

This used to be my sink.

… And the sink. The dishwasher is disconnected, too.

In the meantime, my husband secured folding tables and wooden cutting boards over some of the cabinets.  Isn’t he clever?

The daughters are highly amused that they can now reach items in some of the drawers without actually opening the drawers.  But then of course, they’re not the ones carrying dishes downstairs to wash in the basement utility sink.

We’ll be living like this for almost 2 weeks total, before the new granite counter tops, sink, and faucet are installed.  My husband says it’s the perfect environment for me to be editing and revising my historical fiction manuscript.  “It’s just like the 19th century,” he says brightly, as I load up pots and pans into a bucket to haul them to the nearest source of water.  Yeah … right.

Oh, and did I mention the dryer broke this week?  No laundry happening here until the new one is delivered, so we’ll be smelling like the 19th century, too.