A picture is worth a thousand words, so … keeping in mind that our back splash isn’t installed yet and the kitchen island still needs painting … here is our kitchen!

And here is our new sink! (There were actually dirty dishes in the sink when I took this picture, but it’s so deep you can’t see them. *Glee*)

For anybody local who might be reading my post, I just want to plug our contractors: Stone Masters Inc and Elkton Carpet and Tile.  I highly recommend both of them!

In other news …
In March, Marcy Hatch and I will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of First Impressions by turning the tables and letting YOU critique US.  Friday, we’ll post the first page of Marcy’s WIP, and on Monday, we’ll post mine.

Then, on Wednesday, PK Hrezo is bringing back the first page we critiqued in February, revised based on suggestions she received.  I don’t mind telling you: I’m excited to see what she did with it!

See you on Friday!