playing with ball

Sorcia with her favorite ball.

A German Shepherd can be an intimidating dog. My Sorcia has frightened away many door-to-door salesmen (yay!), and the UPS guy is so scared of her, he only comes halfway up the walkway and gently tosses packages at our porch before sprinting back to his truck. He’s afraid we might open the door and she’ll get out.  She does have a ferocious bark and a tendency to lunge at the door when someone rings the bell or knocks.

Front feet planted against the window.

Slathering jaws snarling in the face of whoever dares to approach our threshold.

Most people are surprised to know that our very fierce Sorcia is afraid of butterflies. Or being in the yard alone. If we put her in our fenced-in backyard by herself, she just stays by the door, whining piteously and nosing the door handle.

sorcia on deck

“Please come out. I can’t play without you.”

Don’t get me wrong – she loves being outside! If she had her way, she’d play outside all day, chasing the shadows of butterflies, growling at her favorite blue ball, and cooling off on the top step of the pool.

Sorcia in pool

The top step is as deep as she will go.

But only if there’s somebody with her.

For back up.

What if a butterfly attacked?

watching for butterflies

Watching for bumblebees. They are tasty and just a little spicy!

She’s wary of being tricked. Like, if someone escorts her out and then goes back into the house. So she keeps a close eye on her people. If I’m in the pool or sitting by the goldfish pond – if I’ve got a book or laptop with me – she’ll run around and play. She knows I’m going to be there for awhile. She’s very smart in that respect. She actually watches to see if I open the laptop before going off to play!

left outside

“You left me!”

But if I stand up, even for a second, she stops and scurries over to make sure I’m not going inside.

It’s pitiful, really.

Can anybody shed some light on this strange German Shepherd behavior? Does anybody else have a pet with crazy insecurities?