• shoesGood news ~ I’m back in shoes! Bad news ~ I walk like an elderly lady crossing a fun house floor. I admit I was blindsided by this. I had no idea what 3 weeks of immobility and 2 weeks of only partial mobility would do to me. Physical therapy, here I come.


  • Tomorrow I’m off to Naples, Florida for a school visit.  I’m looking forward to the sunshine, meeting the students and teachers, and I’ve already picked out restaurants on Yelp. I’m not looking forward to walking in the airports. See the first bullet point above.


  • I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get a lot of writing done in the past few weeks. Maybe, if I’d had a completed manuscript to revise, I would have gotten more done, because revision comes easily to me. But writing a first draft … I didn’t realize how much thinking and planning I did while driving and walking and working out and, yes, even cleaning the house. Living a normal life provides the backdrop for creative brainwork. No Normality = No Creativity.  I look forward to getting both these things back this month!


  • What I did do while I was laid up was binge watch Jessica Jones, Making a Murderer, Sherlock (first time watching), and Dexter (also first time watching). I read Superposition and Supersymmetry by David Walton, Bounders by Monica Tesler, Beastly Bones by William Ritter, The Prey by Tom Isbell, The Fold and 14 by Peter Clines, and Lexicon by Max Barry. Plus a couple of DNF titles that I won’t list.


  • Luna looking naughty

    “Whatever Dianne tells you is a lie. Just look at me. I am inn-o-cent.”

    And finally, a slice of my life this week:

I’m on the sofa with a bowl of super-spicy Jacked Doritos. I put down the bowl and look away to answer an email from Krystalyn Drown. I look back.

The cat has appeared behind me. She’s crouched over my bowl. Her tongue is out.

Me: “Hey! Did you just lick my Doritos?”

The cat sneezes. She spits. She rubs her face with a front paw and backs away.

Me: “Dang it!” I eye the bowl and try to figure out if I can still eat some of the chips.