Since the death of my dog Sorcia in January, I’ve been volunteering at CompAnimals, a no-kill, all-volunteer pet rescue shelter in Landenberg, PA. Although they take in all animals in need, they specialize in hard-to-place cases — animals missing fur, missing limbs or eyes, needing surgery, etc.

Take SAM, for instance. Picked up by animal control on the streets of Baltimore, Sam was discovered to have multiple broken ribs and vertebrae in various stages of healing, indicating long-term abuse. My family temporarily fostered Sam, giving him some much needed pampering before CompAnimals sponsored his FHO surgery to remove the crumbling ball of his hip joint which was  causing him pain with every movement.

Post-surgery, Sam moved to a second foster home where he became such a beloved member of the family that they took him on vacation, wheeling him around the boardwalk of Rehoboth Beach, DE in his own fancy wagon! Currently, Sam is housed with a potential adopter and living with considerably less pain, thanks to CompAnimals.

Meet BRIAR, a puppy mill survivor who lived six years of her life in a small crate, producing litter after litter of puppies. Briar had never seen grass or sky before. Now she is slowly coming out of her shell and shyly making the acquaintance of shelter volunteers as she waits for her forever home.

SWEET PEA was found after being hit by a car. The ER nurse was the first to call her “sweet pea,” and the name well-suited her personality. Nursed back to help by the volunteers at CompAnimals, Sweet Pea may soon be placed in her forever home.


CompAnimals has matched hundreds of pets with new homes and also provides a permanent home for animals that, for reasons of age, health, or temperament, aren’t eligible for adoption. In order to continue operating, however, CompAnimals needs to find a new home itself. The owner of the property at their current location is looking to sell, and once a sale is made, the shelter has only 90 days to vacate the premises.

Good news — a nearby property that formerly housed a German Shepherd breeder would make the perfect home for CompAnimals. The only issue? Money.

This summer, we are making a big push to raise money to purchase this property. A local restaurant, BBC Tavern and Grill in Greenville, Delaware, has offered a spot in their ongoing Guest Bartending program. I’ll be there on July 31, from 6-9 pm, slinging drinks. 10% of meals and 100% percent of the tips go directly to the CompAnimals new home fund.

I know that very few of my blog readers live close enough to attend this event, but if these furry faces have touched your heart and you want to contribute — any amount is welcome! — BBC Tavern has provided a means for us to collect online donations HERE!

For any help that you can provide … the ferrets thank you!

Goofy BRICK thanks you!

BLAKE thanks you!

And so do I!