I’m not feeling coherent enough for a post on one topic, so why even try to focus? Here’s my life in bullet points:

  • I’m scheduled for 4 book events this week, including a librarian’s conference, library appearances, and a book store event. I will drive well over 600 miles and stay overnight in two different hotels. This is a big change for a stay-at-home kind of gal whose previous employment was located only 2 miles from my house. (However, I do have to say that hanging out at a hotel bar with authors on a Sunday night is a lot more fun than writing lesson plans for the upcoming week!)
  • My husband went to the pet store to buy food for the 4-legged denizens of the household and came back with a new toy for one pet and a bell to put on the collar of the other. So, guess which pet is polishing her angel halo this week and which one is, figuratively speaking, in the dog house!
  • I am past the climax of BRANEWORLD now and into the falling action — in spite of the fact that I ignored the draft for several days while revising an older, much-loved manuscript. I can’t wait to type THE END on this troublesome first draft so I can go back and analyze what is wrong with it. Revisions come so much easier to me than first drafts!
  • An opportunity came up to teach an adult class at a local community college, so I decided to give it a try. (Well, I say local, but it’s still a 70 mile round trip.) The course is “Writing for the Children’s Market.” The director has already asked me about other courses in the spring and summer, so this could lead to a semi-regular gig!
  • I have a stack of employment papers to fill out for the college that is about an inch thick. So I’ll leave you with some gratuitous pet pictures taken this week at home …
invisible cat

Luna thinks we can’t see her. She is invisible.


where is the cat

Or … maybe it’s a better hiding place than I think. Sorcia seems confused.


popcorn night

Luna doesn’t want to be left out of Popcorn Night, although she doesn’t get why the dog is so excited about this stuff.