Hi, everyone! I’ve been trying to get around to everyone’s blog — which includes more than the usual number because I participated in a blog hop this week.  But I’ve been battling a cold which would like very much to turn into a sinus infection and my motivation to do anything but lay around watching TV and reading books has been low.

I’m wondering what is new with you and want to share what’s new with me!

I commissioned a few more character drawings from Rachel Gillespie, who is — yes — a high school student with aspirations to some day work for Disney or Pixar.  I think she’s got the talent, and I’m delighted to help her build her portfolio of work as she applies to art schools. These character designs are for use on my website and promotional materials. My talented daughter Gabrielle is also using them in a 2015 calendar that will be available for download by January. There will, of course, be eight days in every week.

If you’ve read The Eighth Day, you might recognize the Donovan twins, Thomas and Tegan, who cause Jax so much trouble. They will return — much to Jax’s annoyance — in The Inquisitor’s Mark.

Thomas and Tegan 1

And this is Jax’s best friend, Billy Ramirez. Poor Billy gets left behind in The Eighth Day, but he’s going to have the adventure of a lifetime in The Inquisitor’s Mark.

Billy 1

Finally, the big thing that’s new in my life is an addition to my family! Meet my new office assistant, Luna.

Luna on my desk

She has definite opinions on my reading selections.

Luna in the bookshelves

And she gets along great with Sorcia.

Sorcia and Luna

What is new with you?