I’ve scheduled this post in advance, so I’m not at Killington while writing this — but I’ll be there when you’re reading it. Hopefully having an awesome time skiing — and brainstorming — because that was one of my goals for this week.

My family has a little bit of history with Killington. I thought I’d share some old pictures with you.

Bob and I went to Killington for our honeymoon in December 1994.

And I came home looking like this.

Yeah, imagine the jokes I had to put up with from my co-workers, returning from my honeymoon in a hip-to-ankle leg brace.

In 2008, we took the girls to Killington for the first time. I can’t get over how little they are!

OMG, Gabbey still wears that coat! Only now it fits her like a fashionable mini-jacket. Okay, that’s it. We need to go shopping.