You may recall me complaining about my ski boots (affectionately nicknamed The Iron Maidens) last month. Well, they may still clamp on my legs like medieval torture devices, but at least now my toes will be warm!
Yesterday was my birthday, and my husband proudly presented me with a great big box wrapped up in snowman wrapping paper. (“Carefully selected for a winter birthday,” says he. “Leftover from Christmas,” says I.) Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found … my ski boots.
“Wow,” said Gabbey. “Dad told me he wrapped up something you already owned to see if you would notice, but I didn’t believe him.”
However, when I pulled out the boots – with some puzzlement, I must say – I discovered a new, high-tech gadget installed inside them.
My toes are always cold, and those Toastie Toe things you stick on the bottom of your socks just don’t cut it. I can’t wait to see how these battery-charged babies work!
(Let’s hope they weren’t designed by Torquemada of Spanish Inquisition fame to go along with the overall Iron Maiden theme. That could get super hot super quick!)
You know what this means, of course? Back to the mountains to try them out, as soon as I can arrange it!
By the way, I should mention that I finally found a way to put on The Iron Maidens without wrestling, falling on the floor, or cursing. I just get Bob to kneel down and wrench them open for me, while I lean on him to slip my feet in.
In other words, I get my husband down on the floor to serve me. 😀 Just like it should be.