Well, it was a long time getting here, but my spring break starts today at 1:30pm. Thank heavens!

It hasn’t looked a lot like spring in Pennsylvania. The month started with snow, and sunshine has been in short supply. The crocuses have come and gone and we have daffodils now – weak and sickly-looking daffodils, but nonetheless …

This past weekend, my husband and his service crew opened the pool – not that I envision us swimming any time soon, but opening the pool is necessary if we want to use the hot tub. And I would REALLY like to use the hot tub!

As you can see, Bob’s crew consisted of Gina (a big plus) and Sorcia (kind of a minus). Gabbey and I helped by staying out of the way. I am mechanically disinclined. In fact, I think I might be mechanically learning disabled. I sometimes (okay – frequently) forget which way to turn the key to unlock the door. Gabbey, sadly, inherited my disability, but Gina is obviously Bob’s child.

Opening the pool begins a whole new season of fun for Sorcia. The thing is one big water dish, and chasing the pool cleaner provides hours of amusement! She can catch the darn thing, too, but she gets yelled at when she chews it up. (Ears down!)

I’ll be on blog hiatus next week, although I plan to post some (hopefully) interesting repeats: 2 Graves and A Hero Who Didn’t Get the Girl. I’ll have my trusty Droid by my side, so I won’t be totally absent from the blogging scene, but I might be a little scarce.

Happy Spring, everyone — and the sun can show up any time now, thanks very much!