Okay, the photo to the right is a picture of my ARCs of We Hear the Dead. Aren’t they pretty? They don’t have a whole lot to do with this blog post, but I wanted to show them off anyway. I’ve already stopped every single person at work who would stand still to look at one, and I’ve come inches from displaying one on the mantel next to my daughters’ baby pictures.

I’ve been pretty busy this past week and a half. I’m working on the final proofing of the designed interior pages of WHTD, and while I was working on that, the ARCs arrived. Now I am reading both simultaneously. Meanwhile, I have a list of more revisions to make on the screenplay (possibly the final ones!), and although I am mulling them over in the back of my head, I don’t actually have time to draft them right now.

I also love spending time on Sourcebooks new teen network, Teen Fire, reading fresh new YA fiction in the author’s forum and checking up on other members’ blogs. I could spend hours reading blogs these days, and I probably would if I wasn’t already spending hours on Twitter. The other night, I saw a post about something called #scriptchat, and without knowing exactly what it was, I clicked on the link and found myself immersed in my first ever TweetChat. Good thing I’ve spent so many years watching LOST – I swear, following multiple timelines was just prep for following multiple conversations swimming by at warp speed. Later that night, I had trouble falling asleep because I could still see posts scrolling through my head! Yeah, I think I might be addicted to Twitter already, and I look forward to trying YAlitchat this week or next.

So suffice it to say that I’ve truly discovered the joy of social networks. It’s a plus, really. ‘Cause teaching and keeping up with my daughters’ activities and writing and reading left me with just too much time on my hands … lol …