So a few weeks ago I mentioned that my husband had come up with a great idea for distracting me when everyone went back to school so I wouldn’t feel sad, or lonely, or like I’d made a horrible mistake and what was I doing thinking I could write full time …?!?!

Bob was traveling for business to Fort Myers, Florida, so I went with him and stayed at the Sanibel Harbor Resort.

Sanibel Bay

I’d been feeling a little frustrated and burned out. Here I was, now a full time writer, and I didn’t have the heart to get much writing done this summer. Turns out, all I needed was a change of venue …

In the hammock

… and attitude …


… because pretty soon I was cranking out something new.

New Office

I was mostly on my own during the day while my husband worked. But he did have one morning off and we took a waverunner tour to see dolphins!

Waverunner 2

Best “first week of school” EVER!