I don’t have much for you today, folks. A week of being buried under report cards was followed by a week of parent-teacher conferences – including one 12-hour work day – and I still have more conferences to do tonight. I’m feeling squashed flat – kind of like our old friend, Wile E. Coyote.

Now, the coyote was always back in the next scene, as good as new. I might need more of a recovery time, as exhaustion has completely sapped my creative energy. And I’m feeling a bit stymied anyway.

I’m considering another round of revisions on The Caged Graves, but I need to carefully think through what the changes will entail. The Wardenclyffe story has only 2 chapters so far, but my main character Mick has already diverted from the outline I wrote – which may be a good thing. And I’m mulling over a few other story ideas as well.

Good thing Thanksgiving break is coming … because I need some down time.

In the meantime, how do you like the snazzy new counterweight kitchen lights my husband installed, which I’m told are totally steampunk?