Tome SocietyYou may recall I started off the new year with a broken foot and 3 weeks of immobility. That was followed by 2 weeks walking in a boot — during which I managed to wrench my knee. When the boot finally came off, I discovered that I was not going to bounce right back to my pre-injury level of activity.

But things are almost back to normal now. I’m exercising again. My foot hardly ever hurts, although my knee is not finished complaining yet.  Better yet, my schedule is full of Skypes and school visits and book festivals — a far cry from those endless January days with nothing to do.

virginia-reader-choice-logo-2012I’ve also learned that The Eighth Day  was nominated for two 2016-2017 state lists — the Virginia Readers Choice Award and Georgia’s Tome Society IT List. Yay!

The dark days of 2016 are over, thankfully.

What’s bringing sunshine to your life lately?