It’s been a rough couple weeks.

November is always a tough time, with report cards and evening parent conferences that some days require me to be at school for 12 hours straight. And this year, my district decided the first trimester didn’t have as many days as the other two (well, it didn’t), so they moved the end of the trimester to December 3, thus ensuring that teachers would still be required to correct papers and enter grades online right through conferences and Thanksgiving Break. Awfully sweet of them.

As often happens, I hung on just fine until Thanksgiving. Once I had a moment to relax, my body let down its defenses and I was clobbered with a sinus infection. I had planned to grade papers, write lesson plans, schedule blog posts, and work on the second round of editorial revisions for THE INQUISITOR’S MARK (Book #2 in the Eighth Day series). Instead I spent the break feeling miserable and sorry for myself. And whimpering. There was definitely some whimpering.

Now I’m behind on everything. Plus it’s December. Need I say more?

For the first time since Marcy and I started, we had no submissions for First Impressions in December. So, I’m going to take a small break from blogging while I catch up (and hopefully get better).

Getting ready at Jack Frost Mt.

I’m going to turn off comments, too, but first …

a) I’d love to get back to First Impressions in January. (Perhaps with some NaNo projects undergoing revision?) Directions for submitting are on the sidebar!

b) I am still taking names for any bloggers who’d like to review or spotlight THE EIGHTH DAY
early in 2014. You can use the contact info under First Impressions on the sidebar to contact me and request an ARC.

c) Over Thanksgiving, just a few hundred yards from our little ski condo on Jack Frost Mountain in Blakeslee, PA, the snow guns were getting ready for the season. Isn’t it pretty? I really want to get better ASAP so I can return and enjoy this year’s early opening!