dianne salerni author
dianne salerni author

It’s a gloomy, gray day in Pennsylvania — the perfect weather for the launch of Eleanor, Alice, and the Roosevelt Ghosts!

Buried family secrets. Vengeful ghosts. Two very different cousins.


A little over ten years ago, MG/PB author Nancy Viau and a friend were discussing book signings and the awkwardness of sitting at a table alone while shoppers dash by, avoiding eye contact at all costs. They wished there was a way for authors to combine signing events so that no one would have to sit alone. Nancy conceived of a way to do just that, and the KidLit Author Club was born on January 1, 2010. KAC is made up of authors from NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, and VA who banded together to promote, market, sign, and sell their books at bookstores, schools, libraries, conferences, and festivals.

I wasn’t part of the club back then but joined in 2013, shortly after the release of my second book, The Caged Graves. By then, the KidLit Author Club not only organized multi-author signing events, but they had started attending conferences, making presentations as a team, and basically providing a support network for fellow members. They spread the word about new opportunities, recommended other authors for events they were unable to attend themselves, and generally provided advice on how to promote books without going crazy. (more…)

At long last, I have news to report that doesn’t involve dogs, vacations, or my quirky daughters.

In a slightly different version of this pitch, I can summarize the story this way:

In an alternate U.S. history where ghosts are strictly categorized as Friendly, Unaware, or Vengeful, 13-year-old introvert Eleanor Roosevelt and her flamboyant cousin Alice match wits with a ghost in their aunt’s house, which, although diagnosed as Friendly, demonstrates secret Vengeful behavior that might put their aunt and her baby at risk.

With cameo appearances by Nellie Bly, Nikola Tesla, and Theodore Roosevelt.

I’m really excited for this book, which features several strong female characters from history, as well as a woman who might not have made the history books, but who nevertheless had a strong influence on the people who did: the oldest sister of Teddy Roosevelt, Anna “Bye” Roosevelt Cowles. (more…)

Charlie, Casper (now adopted!), and Brick

The beginning of 2019 was a hard time for us. Thank you to everyone who extended their condolences on our loss of Sorcia, our beloved GSD of nine years. We still miss her every day. I look for her when I go to bed late at night, thinking I need to let her out to pee, and I still expect her to appear when we pull into the driveway and press the garage door button—wriggling out from underneath the door as soon as she can fit.

But she’s not there.

At some point in late January, with both daughters back at college and my husband away on a business trip, I missed my dog enough to fill out a volunteer application for the local animal shelter. Best decision ever. (more…)

Apparently, “not returning to a regular blogging schedule” means “not blogging until people start asking if I’m okay.” Since two people have asked this week why I haven’t updated my blog, I thought I’d make an entry and let you all know I’m not dead. I’ve been devoting more time to writing, which is a good thing, I think.

My husband and I just returned from a week’s vacation in Europe. My youngest daughter, Gina, is still there, enjoying a few more days without us. Don’t worry! She’s not alone, as you will see.

We started out in Munich, Germany.

One of the most amazing sights in Munich for us were these surfers. They are surfing across the width of a man-made channel under the bridge where the Englischer Garten meets the streets of Old Town Munich. (more…)

Wishing a very happy new year to all my wonderful blogging friends!

I’m taking a hiatus from blogging for a couple months. I hope to be back and visiting you all later this year!

All the best ~~~ Dianne