Wow! What an extravaganza! Dorian’s Parlor did not disappoint — it was an exciting evening of entertainment, where the people OFF the stage were just as interesting as the people ON the stage.

The best way to describe the event is with pictures. Above is Gil Cnaan, one of the founders of Dorian’s Parlor.

Bob and I pose for a photo before the event.

My munchkin minions hung around the entrance and took pictures of interesting guests. No, I don’t know what he was hunting with that weapon.

There were lots of vendors with corsets and hats and leather accessories and jewelry. Clock parts were IN! The earrings above have been mine for years. I bought them long before steampunk became popular, and in fact I wore them on my first date with Bob. (They are my favorites!) But at Dorian’s, a lot of the jewelry was made out of clock parts, and Bob bought this necklace for me to go with my earrings.

And of course, I did my bit on stage. I did not faint in my corset, no matter how nervous I was. However, I needed assistance getting on and off the stage in that skirt.

I’ll post more later this week about the lively steampunk culture and some of the people we met. It’s going to take me awhile to absorb it all!