This Wednesday I was pleased to be a stop on the tour of the new blogging scavenger hunt: Where In the Blogosphere Is Jon? This new blogging game is described by its creators (Tina Laurel Lee, Heather Kelly, and Jon Arntson) as part cribbage, part Carmen Sandiego, and part New York Times puzzle. Contestants pick up clues at WIBIJ to identify 5 blog sites, look for the comment clue left by Jon, leave a comment of their own, and then unscramble Jon’s phrase to win a prize.

I am absolutely in love with the poem clue written for my book by Heather Kelly:

19th century America was enthralled with the sisters,
Real foxes and tricksters of mrs. and misters.
Cracking knuckles and joints, they pretended the Dead
Were speaking aloud, “We Hear them,” they said.

Never caught in the lie until love came to call
The guilt of their life catches up with them all
Or at least with the one who stands to lose most
Is it possible to give up your life for fake ghost?

You can expect to see me plastering this poem all over the place as advertising copy for We Hear the Dead. (Thanks, Heather!) It truly captures the theme of the book, and I really, really had to share it … but I haven’t forgotten that I owe The Misadventures in Candyland a post for being tagged. That’s coming up next.

I’m just still trying to figure out 5 ways to spend a billion dollars without sounding like a feeble-minded Miss America. (“I’d like to buy Peace for the whole wide World!”)