Two weeks from today, I will be enjoying the first day of my summer vacation.

Today, I was supposed to be at school. Not teaching, but in professional development meetings. Instead, I’m home with my third sinus infection of the year.  I’m not sure that’s better than a day of meetings, but I suppose I might get a nap out of it — if I can manage to breathe while lying down.

Right now, the light at the end of the tunnel is looking kind of dim.  But I know what’s waiting for me at the other end — and it’s this:

My writing spot on the brick patio under my deck, next to my goldfish pond.

Most of my writer-blogger friends are expecting to lose writing time over the summer because their kids will be home.  Me — I will gain writing time because I’m sending your kids home. Tag! You’re it!

All kidding aside, it makes me a little sad because I know some of my blogging friends will be taking a summer hiatus for that very reason … just when I finally have time to blog more.  It’s like arriving at the party late.  I bust in the door, saying, “Phew … I finally got here!”  And then I look around and discover everybody has already left.

So, tell me, friends. Will you still be here for the summer?  I hope so, because I’ve got my eye on that light  at the end of the tunnel.

It’s keeping me sane.