Chris Fries — this post is for you! (Or inspired by you, at least.)

Last week, I posted a blog about “fitting it all in” — how I juggle a teaching job, a writing career, and a family. Chris commented on how intense it all was and wondered: What do I do to recharge?

Good question, because yes, the burn-out rate has been especially high this year.  This is how I recharge, so that I can keep plugging away at the demands of what has essentially become two full-time jobs:

1. Bike riding with my husband.

2. Walks in the White Clay Creek Preserve with my family and the dog.

3. Watching the fish in our pond.

4. Relaxing in our Pocono Mountain condo.

5. Skiing.

6. Reading.

7. Television.

So, you see, I’m not really a robot after all. However, I happen to know an author who IS a robot.
More on that next month …

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!